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Huawei aims to produce first class products with ‘Third Class Components: Says Founder



Huawei Founder

The U.S. government’s anti-Huawei policy is hurting the Chinese tech giant because U.S. the entity list, which restricts the American-based technology makers from supplying the components to Huawei.

Due to the sanctions, Huawei is facing a lot of difficulties from buying components to manufacturing new products. But the Chinese tech giant is known in Chinese business circles for its “wolf culture” of being fearless and aggressive.

As recently, Huawei founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei aims to provide a forward edge that focuses on ensuring Huawei’s survival. In a latest internal meeting, he said the company must try to use “third-class” components to manufacture “first-class” products amid strict US trade restrictions.

Ren said in the past, we have spare parts for high-end products, but now the US has completely blocked Huawei’s access [to such components] and even commercialized products cannot be supplied to us. Additionally, he stated Huawei must work hard to sell products and services that can be sold and maintain the market position of its core business in 2021.

“In terms of market strategy … we must dare to abandon some countries, some customers, some products, and some scenarios,” Huawei founder

Previously, it was reported that the Huawei founder and CEO at the launch of the 5G mining project in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan said that he has confidence in the company’s ability to survive and overcome difficulties amid the U.S. pressure on the business.


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