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Qualcomm chips will be used in Huawei smartphones if allowed by the U.S.



Intel recently got a license to supply chipsets to Huawei and more chipmakers are also following the same guideline to request the U.S. government for permission to do business with Huawei.

On September 23, following the Huawei Connect event, Huawei Rotating Chairman, Guo Ping said Huawei had sufficient chips for its business-to-business operations including 5G network enterprise. However, the smartphone business chip stock is fading due to U.S. restrictions.

“It understood that suppliers such as Qualcomm were applying for U.S. licenses which would allow them to continue serving Huawei,” said Ping.

Guo added that Huawei was willing to use Qualcomm chips in its smartphones if Qualcomm gets a license to allow sell its chipset (via Reuters).

In May 2019, the U.S. restricted Huawei from doing business with U.S. firms. In the past few months, the U.S. added new restrictions on Huawei and completely stopped chip supplies for Huawei smartphone business.

“The U.S. has modified their sanctions for the third time and that has indeed brought great challenges to our products and operations,” told Guo Ping.

Guo said Huawei is hoping that the U.S. government can reconsider its policy and if the U.S. government allows, Huawei will still buy products from U.S. companies.


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