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Huawei zero carbon network solution revealed to help in achieving carbon neutral targets



MWC Shanghai 2021 is currently going on from February 23 to February 25 in Shanghai, China. In this event, Huawei showcases its products and solutions related to the latest technological breakthroughs including 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart home, etc.

At the Huawei media communication conference, Mr. Zhou Taoyuan, Vice President of Huawei and President of Digital Power Product Line released Digital Power Zero Carbon Network Solution. It aims to help operators to implement the zero carbon networks strategy and accelerate green and sustainable development worldwide.

Low carbon is an important topic in human society currently. Leading economies in the world are making commitments to achieve carbon neutrality goals and setting timelines to successfully achieve this goal by around 2050.

Enterprises are moving towards sustainable growth and green development. Operators and traditional energy giants have proposed carbon neutrality goals. With a promising carbon neutrality movement is emerging globally, the energy industry is bound to transform towards digitalization and low carbonization to achieve carbon neutrality.


“Zero Carbon Network has become an important strategic goal for leading operators worldwide”, said Mr. Zhou Taoyuan

In the context of carbon neutrality, renewable energy will play a vital role in the energy industry in the future. The global ICT energy consumption is increasing continuously. It is estimated that by 2030, global electricity consumption will reach 5%, low carbonization and reducing energy consumption are the two key development directions of operators.

Mr. Zhou Taoyuan pointed out that Huawei Zero Carbon Network Solution, converging with Intelligent Power Cloud, promotes operators to move towards low carbon, green and sustainable development when confronted with internal and external challenges.

Huawei’s four solutions are converging with Intelligent Power Cloud to reduce energy consumption costs and improve energy efficiency ultimately through intelligent power that integrates source-network-load-and storage.

Huawei Zero Carbon Network Solution includes:

  • Simplified Site
  • Simplified Equipment Room
  • Simplified
  • Simplified DC
  • Green Power for All

Firstly, Simplified Site, site transformation from indoor sites to outdoor sites and further to blade site. In this way, the room is shifted to the cabinet then to the pole. Comprehensive pole-based site deployment helps to reduce power consumption and save electricity fees and rental fees.

Secondly, Simplified Equipment Room allows that cabinets replace rooms for new-built. For capacity expansion, free of new room, free of cable modernization, and free of new AC enables power consumption, space and engineering saved.


Additionally, Simplified DC allows reshaping architecture through fully prefabricated and modular construction, shortening TTM from 20 months to 6 months. Predictive maintenance and efficiency improvement are achieved through reshaping power based on high-density, efficient, and energy-saving solutions.

Reshaping Cooling is achieved through Indirect Evaporative Cooling and iCooling. Compared with traditional solutions, the PUE is decreased by 17%. The intelligent operation and maintenance solution is used for reshaping operation and maintenance, improving operation and maintenance efficiency by 35%.

Finally, Green Power for All allows green power to go into sites, CO rooms, and data centers to achieve all-scenario with solar access and achieve green connections and green computing.

Huawei Digital Power has profound experiences in power electronics, information and communications technologies, and digital technologies, and is dedicated to green power generation and efficient power consumption. The total green power generation is 325 billion kWh, saving 10 billion kWh of electricity and equivalent to planting 220 million trees currently. “To effectively contribute to the world’s carbon neutrality is our goal and mission”, Mr. Zhou Taoyuan said. Huawei Digital Power Zero Network Solution will help Operators to move towards low-carbon sustainable development and accelerate the process of global carbon neutrality.


Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.


U.S. is confused over Honor – Ban or Not



Honor Ban or note

After banning Huawei, the U.S. government is now aiming at Honor. The US agencies have recently conducted a meeting to discuss whether to add the former subsidiary of Huawei to the US entity list or not. The meeting seems to soon turn into an argument due to the lack of agreement among the members.

A report from The Washington Post reveals, there are apparently four security organizations that are presenting their perspective on this matter. The Pentagon and Energy Department wants the authorities to black-listed Honor in the market. Meanwhile, the Commerce Department and State Department are strictly against this vote.

In 2019, the Trump administration banned Huawei in suspicion of being a security threat to the nation. Afterward, the US companies withdrew their supply and left Huawei to struggle alone. However, taking it as an opportunity the company started to polish its technologies and making its own empire. Still, there is a long way to cover.

On the other hand, the Chinese firm never accepted the false blame and always opposes them. Furthermore, the Huawei authorities claim all the charges of the US Federal Ministry groundless.


Last December, Huawei sold its subsidiary to a group of Chinese businesses. Thereafter, Honor regained its supply chain including chipsets, Google Mobile Services as well as other partnerships with global tech makers.

Honor view10 V10

Why the US wants to Blacklist Honor:

There is no clear statement why the US wants to ban Honor. The company is no longer part of Huawei and become an independent firm last year. Moving ahead, it doesn’t have a strong position in 5G networking devices manufacturing, which causes any security threat in the country and causes a ban like it did with Huawei.

However, if the company is anyhow banned in the US, it’ll surely bring devastating outcomes. It might lead the owners to give up on the company as it’ll directly cut the supplies from the biggest market. But first, the US has to clear its confusion to ban Honor or not. If yes, then why?

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Chip makers to boost 5G RF component production, could help Huawei to bring back 5G phones



Huawei Mate 40 Pro

The 5G RF (radio frequency) components are a big concern for Huawei as it’s forced to launch its flagship with 4G network access. Launched on July 29 this year, the Huawei P50 series packs a sumptuous camera system, software capabilities, and design. However, the smartphone lacks a 5G communication network.

As reported previously, core 5G components use radiofrequency waves divided into Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW). Among them, the smartphone makers prefer BAW, whose market is mainly ruled by US chipmakers that are restricted to sell 5G chips to Huawei due to US-Sanctions.

Furthermore, a recent report shows that like other markets, the chip industry has its own working flow. It includes manufactories, packaging, and testing plants to supply 5G RF components. Now the chip foundries are working to expand their business relations and planed of producing more 5G smartphone chips. The positive side of this news is that Huawei could also get access to 5G RF components to bring its 5G smartphones.

Chip Market Status in China:

According to the report, Vanchip Technologies which is a sub-foundry of MediaTek is seeking to work with GaAs. The two parties are accelerating their production to meet the 5G demands across the mainland.


Moving ahead, Qualcomm also contacted Wenmao that will responsible for G sub-6GHz power amplifier (PA). Adding to this, another Chinese supplier Hongjie Technology will provide Qualcomm the advanced 6-inch wafers.

HiSilicon NB Iot

In this line, Qualcomm also extending the RF collaboration on 5G RF front-end products with GlobalFoundries (GF). The collaboration includes sub-6 GHz and cutting-edge mmWave technology to unlock everyday 5G access.

Global Chip Market Status:

The United States and Japan are monopolizing the global chip market at present. The fabless manufacturers including Qualcomm, Qorvo, and Skyworks are planning to work together.

Besides, the other manufactures such as ASE, Amkor, and Changjiang Electronics Technology have ramp-up system-in-package (SiP) and antenna packaging (AiP) integration in their products.

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Honor of Kings announce 120Hz support, Huawei Nova 9 come with 90Hz



Honor of Kings

Huawei Nova 9 will unveil on September 23rd offering four different solid colors- Blue, Violet, Green, and Black. The Nova 9 lineup comes with a 120Hz refresh rate display and features a 300Hz touch sampling rate for maximized touch interactions.

Along with the launch, the Nova 9 will also become one of the unique devices with 90Hz refresh rate support Honor of King game. According to the official information, the next Honor of Kings S25 will also launch on September 23. In this regard, this game expands the new 120 Hz game mode support for more devices for Xiaomi, Black Shark. realme, and others. (check the list below).

Meanwhile, the yet-to-launch Huawei Nova 9 along with Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.6 will support 90 Hz game mode. However, Huawei Nova 9 originally supports a 120 Hz screen rate, and the 300 Hz touch sampling rate providing a 10-bit color depth.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Huawei Nova 9 along with a Lenovo tablet will support the 90Hz refresh rate. However, it’s interesting that Huawei Nova 9 gets a different variation of the game with a high-performance refresh rate for faster gameplay.


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Device List for 120 Hz Support:

  • iQOO: iQOO 8 and 8 Pro
  • Vivo: Vivo X70 Pro+
  • Redmi: Redmi K40 Pro
  • Xiaomi: Xiaomi 11 Ultra and 11 Pro
  • Tencent: Tencent ROG phone 3, ROG phone 5, Red Magic 6, and 6 Pro
  • Black Shark: Black Shark 4, 4 Pro, 4S, 4S Pro, and Black Shark 4 Oversea Version
  • realme: realme GT, and GT Neo2

Note: The players of the listed devices can find the switch button for high frame rate mode in the setting interface to enable this function.

Honor of Kings: 

Also known as Glory of Kings, it’s a Chinese multiplayer battle arena launched by Tencent games. It was launched in October 2015 and counts among the world’s most popular and one of the highest-grossing games of all time.

Moreover, the official information shows, the next’s season of the game will be updated on 23rd September from 0:00-7:30. The website will be taken down for the changes by the time.

Honor of kings 120hz devices

(Via- Ithome)

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