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Huawei’s own Programming Language? New patent application reveals similar plans



In a single year, Huawei applies a lot of technology patents to copyright its ideas of different fields such as smartphones, computers, network devices, smartwatches, and many more. Even though Huawei is one of the most innovative firms, the company keeps digging deep in the field of technologies.

As recently, Huawei has applied for a new patent application with the registration name for “Cangjie Language” and it’s classified under 42 international categories for design and research. This trademark is expected to be for the programming language of Huawei but there’s more to know.

According to the information, the patent was officially filed in February and its status is currently pending. Similarly, Huawei has also applied for a trademark “Cangjie” as the keyword found by Huawei and also for Huawei Cangjie.

Last September, some Weibo users rumored that Huawei was developing its own programming language, named “Cangjie”. Also, this development is underway for a long time and it’s expected that some specific details will be announced in 2021.

A programming language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.

In Chinese history, Cangjie is considered to be the creator of the Chinese characters and created them after being inspired by the footprints of birds and beasts. Legend has it that he had four eyes to observe many things around him.

New Legendary Name:

Previous naming conventions of Huawei have similar legendary effects on the products including Kirin, Hongmeng, Kunpeng, Barong, Taishan, Lingxio, Shenteng, and more.

Currently, there’s no official confirmation whether Huawei is planning to play such a move but it’ll be interesting to see, whether Huawei introduces it.


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