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Huawei Mate 50 real device spy photo reveals camera details



huawei mate 50 spy photo

Recently, Huawei Mate 50 Pro real device has been appeared in a spy photo and revealed its camera details for us to explore.

According to the spy photo, the Huawei Mate 50 (possibly Pro) device is equipped with a quad camera system, which could possibly be the Pro version. It’s revealed that the camera on the top left is the ultra-wide angle, and the camera on the top right is a six-blade variable aperture main camera.

On the bottom left corner, you can find a ToF camera for rear portraits and depth effects. On the lower right corner, you’ll get a rectangular periscope zoom camera.

The camera module also consists of an LED flash right into the middle of the top two cameras, while the entire module seems to be inside a large ring design.

Speaking of design, the phone is covered in a protective shell, which confirms it to be a test device or engineering machine.

The cover is there not only there to provide security but also to not let the design leak ahead of the launch. Yet, it won’t stop the device from appearing online.

huawei mate 50 spy photo


Yes, the phone is equipped with new camera technology and it’s possibly the variable aperture lens that would allow you to control the flow of light into the sensor in real time.

However, the entire camera system seems very promising as the company will further boost the quality and the photo details with its new XMAGE imaging system and Huawei Mate 50 series will be the first one to use this.


Currently, Huawei has not confirmed the camera specs of this upcoming device but it is set to unveil on September 6 and the Chinese tech maker has assured that it’ll be meeting with consumers on the peak of the performance and exploration with this new device.

There’s more to know about the Huawei Mate 50 series and we’ll keep you posted.

(source – Weibo)

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