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Huawei launches official website for Ark Compiler, source code available to download



On August 31, the Ark Compiler officially announced Open Source and its official website placed online, this move is expected to bring global developers to access and use ark compiler for their own applications. As the source code could be downloaded from the official website (

This new website will also help to push a promotion to build an ecosystem for the HarmonyOS.

Download Source Code

Source Code Package Download

Ark Compiler is Huawei’s self-developed application compiler and works to improve the compilation efficiency of Android apps by directly interpreting and executing the machine code/binary code to the system language. Removing the need for additional frameworks, used to convert machine code to the system language and consumes extra resources.

According to the website, the Ark compiler has the advantages of multi-language combination, lightweight runtime, software and hardware coordination, and multi-platform support. The different language codes in the same application can be jointly compiled and optimized to eliminate the performance consumption between languages conversion process and reduces the optimization cost for developers.

With this compiler program and its collaborative optimization for both software and hardware, the application can use the full capacity of the hardware with providing the topmost user experience.

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