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Huawei officially teases the new ‘Circular Camera’ design of Mate 30 series



Huawei has officially confirmed the launching of Mate 30 series and its teaser is looking very promising in terms of Camera hardware and most importantly the new Circular design.

Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro and 30 X: Specifications, Announcements, Launch, Price and Leaks

Although, early information on the Mate 30 has already told us that it will come with a new Oreo/Circular camera design compared to its predecessor with rectangular positioned cameras.

But it’s the first time when the company has officially hinted us about this upcoming camera change.

Not only the camera design has been reorganized but it’ll also have more camera quality and capabilities including the new Movie Quad camera setup on Mate 30 Pro that expected to include two 40MP lenses of different size. It’s also reported that the Mate 30 Pro will have the Movie grade video recording features.

We’re sure that the Mate 30 series will have some big upgrades and as we move towards its official unveiling, which is on September 19, we’ll surely dive deeper into the details.

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