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Huawei launches Fusion Technology in supervision with a registered capital RMB 727 million




As per the latest information Huawei established Fusion Technology Co. Ltd. under the supervision of Zheng Liying on 8th July 2021. This branch is established with a registered asset of RMB 727 million.

The branch is fully owned by Huawei Technology without any partner. Furthermore, Zheng Liying is also the legal representative of Xunlian Zhipay, which is wholly acquired by Huawei with 100% shares in March this year. (Read More)

Speaking of the business scope of this branch, it has a long list of working fields, which includes services, research and development, equipment manufacturing, sale, and so on. We can describe it in the following terms-


  • Network technical services
  • Offline data processing services
  • Industrial engineering design services
  • Technical services
  • Computer system services
  • Information system operation and maintenance services
  • Data processing and storage support services
  • Information technology consulting Services
  • System integration services

Equipment Manufacturing:

  • Hardware and peripheral equipment manufacturing
  • Industrial control and production computer and system manufacturing
  • Information security manufacturing
  • Internet equipment manufacturing
  • Computing equipment manufacturing
  • Internet of things equipment manufacturing
  • Digital home products manufacturing
  • Digital video surveillance system manufacturing


  • Hardware and auxiliary equipment wholesale
  • Communication and answer sales
  • Radio and television equipment sale
  • Artificial intelligence hardware sales
  • Internet of Things equipment sales
  • Intelligent equipment sales
  • Industrial automatic control systems pretend sales
  • Industrial control computer recovery machine and System sales
  • Software sale
  • Smart home consumer equipment sales
  • Cloud computing equipment sales
  • Network equipment sales
  • Digital video surveillance system sales

Besides, Huawei recently builds another branch named- Huawei Digital Energy Technology on the 7th of last month. The legal representative of this firm is Hu Houkun with registered capital of RMB 3 billion.

It covers various fields to do research and development work such as online energy metering, energy recovery system, emerging energy technology, electromechanical coupling system, charging pile sales, etc.

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