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Huawei launched Watch 3, FreeBuds 4, MatePad 11 and more smart products in Japan



Today, Huawei has hosted a new product launch conference in Japan. At the event, the company unveiled many flagship products from different categories including laptops, tablets, displays, and smart accessories for consumers.

Simultaneously, Huawei also opens the pre-orders for newly launched products that will last long up to next month. So, you’ll have sufficient time to buy them. Adding to this, the company also offers an additional discount on making advance payments for these devices.

Below, you can check the pre-order detail and pricing list with exclusive offers-

Pre-Order Details:

  • The Pre-order for the new products is starting from 13th July
  • This activity will end on 23rd July

Payment Option:

  • The buyer can pay a deposit of ¥1000- ¥3000 between 13 to 23 July.
  • The balanced amount has to pay until 6 August.

Huawei Watch 3

The smartwatch Huawei Watch 3 comes in three editions- Active, Classic, and Elite. It features a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, 54-gram weight, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and 5ATM waterproof level. On the software side, it offers HarmonyOS 2 and Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, WiFi, NFC connectivity.

  • Pay ¥50,380 only

Huawei FreeBuds 4:

You can enjoy air-like comfort, ANC 2.0 noise-reducing technology, usage detection sensor, Bluetooth 5,2 connectivity, gesture controls, etc with Huawei FreeBuds 4. It’s the most recent audio wearable of Huawei.

  • Pay ¥18,480 only

Huawei MatePad 11:

Huawei MatePad 11 offers you a 120Hz refresh rate, Huawei share, Multi-window mode, keyboard, and mouse interaction. double certificate for TUV Rheinland, and many more advanced features.

  • Pay ¥54,780 only

Huawei MateView Display:

The Huawei MateView is designed for professional works and offers a 28.2-inch display, 94% screen-to-body ratio, 4K+ resolution, DCI-P3 color gamut technology, and so on.

  • Pay ¥89,800 only

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021:

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 comes with the Intel series processor, 3K full view display, security arrangements, Huawei share, 56 Wh battery power, and more to satisfy all your requirements.

  • Pay ¥274,780 only
  • Receive a Huawei Backpack as a gift


Huawei MateBook D 15 2021:

Huawei MateBook D 15 is powered by the 10th Generation of Intel Core i5 processor and the NVIDIA graphics with 16GB of RAM capacity responsible for the high performance.

On the other hand, the software features include Windows 10 OS, Huawei Share, PC Manager, and factory reset to boost up the user experience. Below you can check the price.

  • Pay ¥84,800 only for Huawei MateBook D 15 10th Gen i3 SoC
  • Pay ¥119,800 only for Huawei MateBook D 15 11th Gen i5 SoC

Huawei Display 23.8:

This display offers a 1080P FullView Display, a 72% NTSC color gamut, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It has been certified by TÜV Rheinland for reducing harmful blue light. Furthermore, it features an endlessly immersive spectacle of 5.7 mm bezels, a 90% screen-to-body ratio, and a 178-degree viewing angle.

  • Pay ¥19,980 only

Huawei GM Eyewear II:

Huawei GM Eyewear II is a combination of cutting-edge technology and high-end fashion. It comes with a crafted dual-zipper case,semi-open speaker, swipe controls, high-quality wireless recording, and more.

  • Pay ¥43,780 only

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Huawei Sports Health and Anta will jointly verify champion running shoes



Huawei Health Anta champion shoes

Huawei Sports Health cooperation has shaken its hands with Anta Sports Science Laboratory to demonstrate the all-new champion running shoes. Both the parties will investigate the improvement as well as the efficiency of the new product.

You might be knowing that the Huawei Sports Health app is an overall health-oriented service. The app retains a place on your smart device to let you know the accuracy of your health and provides you with a definitive report. However, on the side hand, the company also goes through various health and sports-related equipment to provide the users with a productive experience.

In the latest section, Huawei Health firm and Anta Laboratory together, are checking the cushioning performance of the champion running shoes. Both the parties are ensuring that the new shoe product must have an increase of 26 percent in enactment grade.

Further, the companies will also tally the stability of the product. As per reports, it must be more than 23 percent over the previous generation. This gives us the hint that the new shoes are digitally supportive and can ultimately enhance the experience of walking, running, and other activities.


Huawei Health Anta champion shoes

Alongside, the shows can easily combine themselves with the Huawei S-TAG. Thus, users will seamlessly get an idea of their running posture, and other walking habits. Alternatively, it will fulfill all the requirements of the athletes in the time ahead.

Huawei Sports Health Laboratory

Speaking more of the Huawei Sports Health Laboratory, the sector mainly targets inspection work. For instance, standard R&D testing, certification and display experience, industrial incubation, and product research. On the flip side, the laboratory works on accelerating technologies and the sports health industry jointly.

Consequently, this will give rise to more innovative and scientific health products. As a result, users will be able to enjoy advanced technology in their hands with simple and easy-to-use operations.

Well, this is just the starting, and ANTA revealed that it will continue its collaboration with Huawei for sports equipment purposes.


Huawei Health Anta champion shoes


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Huawei IdeaHub S2 Series, equipped with HarmonyOS



Huawei IdeaHub S2 HarmonyOS

Huawei has finally launched the first new-generation smart office product equipped with the HarmonyOS system – the IdeaHub S2 Series. The company has introduced the ultimate gadget in the recently held 2022 Huawei Smart Collaboration New Product launch conference in association with CCTV News.

The President of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Domain, Sun Quan elaborates how the new technologies with intelligent mechanisms are changing the work platform for the users. Following the trend, the company has tried to bring some advanced methods that can make the daily office task more convenient for individuals.

And one such method is the Huawei IdeaHub S2 series standing on the HarmonyOS surface. According to the information, this series of smart products comprise 4K professional video conferencing, distributed conferencing, P2P screen projection, smart multi-windows, and parallel horizons.

Let’s understand these devices and their functions, one by one

4K Professional Video Conferencing

Huawei smart office products have attained 4K capability which will serve efficiency in a lot of operations. For instance, acquisition, encoding, transmission, decoding, and display. It completely assures whether video conferences are fully visible and restore the details effectively.


On the flip side, it also supports Huawei Cloud Conference, Huawei Cloud Weblink, Tencent Conference Rooms, and Feishu Conference Room. Consequently, users can directly use these services on the IdeaHub S2 Series.

Huawei IdeaHub S2 HarmonyOS

Distributed Conference

This tech enables small-screen conferences on a large screen. It can seamlessly transfer the meeting from a phone or computer, directly to the IdeaHub gadgets.

P2P Screen Projection

Turn on the Wi-Fi and you can easily cast any media content on the screen. Besides, it supports a Smart Drawing Pen 2.0 that permits writing and display on the frame with smooth effects. While using it, you will feel as if you are writing on paper.

Smart Multi-Window

This function allows the individual to access multiple actions as well as applications at the same time, on different screens. The function works wonders while performing the watching and writing actions.


Parallel Horizons

The thoughtful feature helps in supporting navigation mode, a split-screen display that works on the horizon layers. Alternatively, it supports up to six categories to open sideways. For instance, conference, whiteboard, screen projection, UI, management, and enterprise customization.

Showcasing the benefits of the product to some more extent, Sun Quan conveyed the following message:

“We hope that this efficient way of working can go out of Huawei and let everyone enjoy an intelligent way of working. It is precisely based on this responsibility and mission positioning that Huawei has launched the industry’s first new generation of office products equipped with HarmonyOS. Huawei IdeaHub S2 series. We look forward to working with our partners to create more value for customers, bring the digital world into every workspace, and let everyone enjoy an intelligent way of working.”

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Huawei will launch HarmonyOS equipped IdeaHub S2 series



Huawei IdeaHub S2

Huawei is well-prepared to launch the all-new IdeaHub S2 equipped with HarmonyOS on August 8. The company has recently mentioned on its Weibo channel about holding a new launch conference in the next week. Now, making the surface more clear, the Chinese manufacturer has officially announced the release of new smart devices.

To those who are unfamiliar, the IdeaHub S2 series is a P2P cross-network screen projection product. It doesn’t require any smart device (phone, tablet, PC) to operate, and one can easily access it through the IdeaShare app. Further, it is highly supportive of Huawei Cloud Conference, WeLink, and Tencent Conference Rooms, and can support up to 1080P video conferences.

According to the latest information, the next-generation Huawei IdeaHub S2 series counts upon a high-tech computing power structure. This includes several minute elements that uplift the overall functioning management of the device.

For instance, innovative Wi-Fi 6 cross-network, distributive smart office collaboration, 4K immersive smart conference, ultra-low latency writing, mainstream cloud conference ecological adaptation, and more. Further, it is capable of meeting the co-creation and regular remote conference requirements of the users.


Huawei IdeaHub S2

IdeaHub S2 Series: much more upgraded than previous generations

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has implemented several new technologies to the latest IdeaHub devices. Consequently, the new generation series gives space to 4T FLOPS which increases the NPU and CPU performance by 123 percent.

Besides, the graphics operations get an increment of 475 percent. The device bears the internal memory of 8GB + 64GB. The device also equips a 1.5μm industrial-grade light sensor and a 4K 30fps professional dynamic imaging codec. The respective imaging technology can obtain low bandwidth and latency, intelligent operator, C-bit tracking speaker, and Auto-Framing.

Apart from these elements, the device also has 6 array microphones, imposed with DNN de-reverberation. As a result, it will deliver an immersive audio quality with various thoughtful functions.

The productive tool for the smart office is available in three variants – 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch. These all exhibit 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels zero-fit D-LED screens. On the flip side, it will come along with the dynamic HarmonyOS 3.0 which will undoubtedly lift the performance of the device to the next level. Such amazing features and functions are available only at a prize of 27,999 yuan [414.69 USD].


Huawei IdeaHub S2



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