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Huawei Body Scale 3 Pro pre-order start in Philippines with a Huawei Fan as gift



Huawei Body Scale 3 Pro Pre-order

Start your health journey with the Huawei Scale 3 Pro, which is now available for pre-order at the official website of 0917 in the Philippines. This smart weighing scale features 8 electrodes, 22 body indicators, and smart network connectivity to provide a more precise body fat measurement.

Furthermore, by connecting this device with your smartphone you can the complete body composition report effortlessly. It provides 10 general and 12 segmental body indicator analyses so you can plan a more effective workout.

No matter what your age is, this smart scale leads the children to a healthfuller routine and motivates the elders to stay active. Additionally, its aesthetic design is easy to handle and the color combination looks very novel in comparison with the previous white color scheme. What are you waiting for? Get this smart device now, and start living a healthy life.

Before discussing the details of Huawei Scale 3 Pro, first, know the pre-order price offering-

Pre-order Draft:

  • Price: PHP3,999
  • Freebie: Huawei Fan
  • Color: Mystic Blue
  • Pre-order Time: Until 5th August
  • Expected Delivery: From August 23rd

Huawei Scale 3 Pro

The pro-level dual frequencies featured in Huawei Smart Scales 3 Pro, accurately mark the body muscle and fat measurements. Furthermore, it has Huawei TruFit 2.0 body composition model to control the low and high-frequency currents.

Besides, by connecting it with our smartphone we can track our health records. Moving ahead, Huawei designed it with a quick and easy network identification to establish a prompt and strong network connection. Let’s give a glance at the features and measurements provided in this weighing scale-

  • Weight measurement
  • Body fat measurement
  • Resting heart rate measurement
  • Body composition analysis report
  • Multiple profiles
  • Auto-sync data with the app
  • Smart household recognition
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)


  • Display: Discreet LED display
  • Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 29 mm
  • App compatibility: Huawei Health App
  • OS Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  • Network Connectivity: BT, WiFi
  • Sensor: Resistance strain gauge pressure
  • Battery: DC 4.5 V battery
  • Battery lifespan: About 360 days
  • Weighing Surface: Tempered glass
  • Fat measurement Electrode: Transparent ITO film

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