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Huawei is planning to make 50 offline whole-house smart experience stores covering 50 cities in China



On April 8, Huawei launched the “Whole house Smart and Smart Screen New Product Launch Conference” unveiling new devices for the whole house smart house solutions. At the event, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, Yu Chengdong stated, Huawei is working on putting up 50 offline whole-house smart experience stores covering 50 cities in China.

According to CEO Yu, this project will be completed by August 2021. Talking about the event, the company gave a disclosure of the three main challenges stimulating the industry development and user experience, which includes

  1. All House Interconnection
  2. Whole House AI
  3. Ecological Integration

Despite these challenges, the company introducing the scenario of a whole smart house integrated with advanced AI and smart machines for the tech-savvy consumers of the company. Huawei made it clearer, Smart home automation is no longer something you’ll only see in sci-fi movies, it’s in front of us.

As you would expect, Huawei Whole House Smart Solution uses the Whole smart host as the main controller. This module is linked with a strong and high-speed PLC network, smart Wi-FI 6+, an intelligent temperature-controlled fan, an optical modem. In addition, it has two more modules for the whole-house storage, and whole-house music, which covers the entire house.

At the software end, it has the company’s Hongmeng OS (HoarmonyOS), which is initially developed for the IoT (Internet of things) device of the company.

Huawei Whole House Smart comes with the company’s one-stop 4S service (sales, service, spare parts, and survey), which makes it easy to buy. As well, this product has an elegant design, speedy adjustment, easy maintenance. With these benefits, you need not worry about purchasing expenses and maintenance of the device added CEO Yu.

Construction Process:

The company adopts an efficient and cost-effective construction process, the consumer can easily see-through the entire process via Huawei App.

Moving ahead, during the whole house installment process, all internet-connected devices that are remotely controlled via a smartphone or other networked device are synchronized with NFC.

Customer Service:

With all this high-end setup, the company is also promising reliable and prompt customer service as the product is coming with the one-stop 4S service.

In this line, this Chinese tech company offers routine maintenance for the check of the spare parts and working of the system. At the same time, 24 X 7 inquiry service is also available, an engineering team, responsible to solve any issue quickly as possible.


Coming back to the further development, President Yu Chengdong said that in the coming time we will get to see more Huawei whole-house smart experience stores, which will promote the AI integrated house services across the Mainland. It’s an exciting path, and the tech world is heading down toward this.

He further informed, Huawei Mall,, and Huawei’s official flagship store on Tmall, all are open to purchasing so you can keep an eye out for new products that can make this technology available in your home.

(Source| Ithome)

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