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Huawei introduced the Hongmeng OS 1+2+N whole-house smart, V-series Smart Screen, and more



On April 8th, 2021, Huawei concludes the “2021 Spring Huawei Whole Smart House and Smart Screen New Product Launch Conference.” The company introduced various smart products and talked about the house smart solution.

During the event, the CEO and executive director of Huawei Consumer Business, Yu Chengdong proudly shares the growth of Huawei’s whole house smart field and the accomplishments made by the company.

The modernized 1+2+N whole-house smart solution:

The CEO Yu informed that this time Huawei brings fully upgraded 1+2+N whole-house smart solution so you can enjoy the luxurious house experience. The company’s seamless Al life strategy aims to provide users with an all scenario experience across multiple smart devices.

1 refers to the main controller, which works on the company’s Hongmeng OS. This main controller holds the supreme power, which helps in large computing. It interconnects multiple devices, and gathers the data of the Huawei 1+8+N terminal, and directs them for real-time activities.

2 stands for the PLC control bus terminal, which spreads in the entire house covering the sub terminals. The PLC controls provide a strong network connection for data transmission. To make sure the reliability of the setup the company used the Wi-Fi 6 + as the main router, which contains 8 network ports.

The PLC modules used in this smart house solution are developed by Huawei itself, ensures the device compatibility with each other as well as the software system. The whole setup has reached the transmission distance of 2000 meters while covering the 500 square meters large area.

N refers to the soul of the entire solution- Hongmeng OS. This IoT ecosystem currently supports electric setup including AC, lightning, Fans, and more, water purifiers, and some more smart devices.

Hongmeng Ecology:

According to the reports, currently, the Hongmeng SDK  provides supports in more than 20 categories, covering over 12 million devices, and open source has 17 subsystems and 134 code warehouses.

At this moment, the company already using the upgraded Hongmeng ecology but looking at this boost there are more chances to encounter more advanced IoT supporting systems in the near time.

Simeteniously, the company is working with more than 1000 major brands, exploring more technology to make the dream come true of the completely digitalized era.

Installation Process:

For the installation process, the company is already providing the 4S service and collaborates with many real estate developers across the mainland including the China Resources Land, China Overseas Land, and Real Estate.

At the same time, the company is also offering after installation maintenance process, routine check-up of the whole setup, and all-time query service to satisfying the consumer’s queries.

Installation Cost:

  • 100 square meter area covering 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms starts at 9,999 Yuan.
  • 200 square meter area covering 5 rooms and 2 living rooms starts at 149,999 Yuan.

New Product Launch:

At the event, the company introduced the Smart Screen V-series, which come in four size variants of 55/65/7/5/85-inches and impressive software technology. Together with the smart TV, a smart Robot for children’s education is also unveiled, which is said to be the first-ever bionic machine in this field.

Furthermore, CEO Yu also hints that the company is planning to establish 50 offline whole-house smart experience stores covering 50 major cities of China. (Read More)


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