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Huawei released the 5G advanced network technology evolution White Paper with China Mobile



Huawei 5G Network Evolution White Paper

The continual unfolding in 5G technology leading the industry towards a new era, encouraging them to explore further. The “5G-Advanced Network Technology Evolution White Paper” jointly released by Huawei and co-partners including China Mobile is one step in this direction.

5G White Paper Release Conference:

On the 5th of August 2021, Huawei and its fellow industry conducted an online conference to announce the release of this white paper in Beijing. This 5G network technology evolution white paper of Huawei elaborates on the complete architecture and technology development of the 5G industry.

The development of 5G advanced industry needs support from every field. And Huawei is ready to provide every possible support to establish a sustainable tomorrow in the 5G industry. This released is just the beginning of tomorrow, at where the spokespeople of respective firms took part and delivery their words that include

  • Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line President- Liu Kang
  • Deputy Dean of China Mobile Research Institute- Duan Xiaodong
  • General Manager of GSMA Greater China Technology- Liu Hong
  • Nokia Representative
  • Chief Wireless Consultant Harri Holma

Huawei 5G Network Evolution White Paper

The expertise with years of experience in network evolution from various firms together wrote this white paper wishing to provide further reference scenarios for 5G. The fact that 5G is the core technology to lead the industry towards digitalization doesn’t need any proof.

The integration of information and technology with other industries is essential to bring 5G in the different trades. Therefore, the promotion of 5G core technology must be the priority of the industry. Furthermore, the architectural and technical levels of 5G as well need development to satisfy the diverse business demand with enhanced capabilities.

5G Advanced Architecture and Network Technology:

Speaking of the network architecture, the 5G advanced network will be developed corresponding to the cloud-native, edge network cloud NFV, and vertical industries. On the other hand, intelligence, integration, and enablement are three viewpoints in which the 5G network technology will grow.

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