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Huawei joins platinum membership of Linux Foundation OpenChain project alongside top industry contributors




According to the official information, Huawei becomes the platinum member of the Linux Foundation OpenChain project. Now, this Chinese firm will jointly contribute to strengthening the OpenChain ISO 5230 as the International Standard with the other 20 partners.

Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager said, Huawei’s leadership in this space has helped build bridges across the world. Their decision to join the governing board of the OpenChain Project is further evidence of this and will be pivotable in taking OpenChain ISO 5230 to the next level.

“This will benefit every company using open-source, a shared undertaking we approach with both excitement and respect.” added Shane

Before Huawei, OPPO and Qualcomm have joint the OpenChain project and developing the source license standards. Besides, this project supports a bunch of online self-certification for free, services provided by the partners, and various reference materials.


The OpenChain Project:

The OpenChain Project maintains the International Standard for open source license compliance. This allows companies of all sizes and in all sectors to adopt the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program.


Its platinum members’ list namely includes many famous names

  1. ARM
  2. BMW Group
  3. Bosch
  4. Cisco
  5. Comcast
  6. Ericsson
  7. Facebook
  8. Fujitsu
  9. Google
  10. Hitachi
  11. Huawei
  12. Microsoft
  13. Moxa
  14. Oppo
  15. Panasonic
  16. Qualcomm
  17. Simens
  18. Sony
  19. Toshiba
  20. Toyota
  21. Uber

Linux Foundation:

The Linux Foundation is the organization of choice for the world’s top developers and companies to build ecosystems that accelerate open technology development and industry adoption.

Along with the worldwide open source community, it is solving the hardest technology problems by creating the largest shared technology investment in history. Founded in 2000, The Linux Foundation today provides tools, training, and events to scale any open source project, which together deliver an economic impact not achievable by any one company.


Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We have approximately 197,000 employees and we operate in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world.

“Huawei is delighted to join the OpenChain Project. Huawei adheres to open collaboration and innovation, has long been committed to establishing a compliance management system that aligns with industry best practices and incorporating compliance management into end-to-end business activities and processes. ” Wang Yousheng, Director of Open Source & Developer Dept, Huawei. “Huawei will be an active member in OpenChain Project, hopes through constantly enhancing mutual understanding, cooperation and trust with the global developer and open source communities, to build a more secure and trustworthy open-source software chain together.”


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Apple opposing Huawei MatePod trademark, applied for new headphones



Huawei Apple

Recently, Huawei has published a new trademark opposition decision document that contains the relevant info about the Huawei MatePod trademark which is being opposed by Apple. It’s another trademark dispute of the smartphone maker with the other companies.

The Case:

As per the information extracted from the document, the China base form has previously applied for the Huawei MatePod trademark name. It includes 9 kinds of international classifications under headphones electronic chips.

However, the US-based phone maker believes that its headphone collections- AirPods, EarPods are knowingly forged by the Chinese firm. Thus, it’s strictly opposed to using this name in practice. The company doesn’t want its customers to get confused.

Huawei Apple

The Decision:

The Chinese State Intellectual Property Office announced its verdict in favor of Huawei and grant the Huawei MatePod trademark name after giving a satisfactory clarification to Apple.


Apple Huawei MatePod trademark


Although, the intellectual believes that the cited trademark (Apple accessories) and opposed trademark (Huawei MatePod) share the same functionality, marketing, and belong to the same industry. Still, the English latter composition, pronunciation, and overall appearance of both trademarks are easily recognizable.

Hence, there is no clashing scenario, so it won’t cause any confusion to the consumer of both companies. Moreover, the opponent’s claim of imitating the names hasn’t adequate facts, so the intellectuals are granting permission to Huawei.

Huawei Trademark Dispute:

Sony and Huawei: The Japanese company files a lawsuit against the Huawei Watch GT series in the UK IPO office. The reason was its famous racing game series Gran Turismo’ which is generally abbreviated as GT. However, the China-based firm isn’t easy to give up its famous smartwatch series label.

Xiaomi and Huawei: The Chinese Intellectual Property Database previously published a case dispute regarding Xiaomi’s “MiService” and Huawei’s “MyService” trademark. Containing almost similar pronunciation, and text style, Xiaomi’s trademark has been rejected.


(Source: Ithome)

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Huawei CAF model bringing network competitiveness for operators: Marketing Chief



Huawei CAF network Model

On behalf of Huawei, the company’s marketing and solution sales department president- Peng Song, addresses the 7th Ultra-Broadband Forum 2021. This 2-day conference is taking place in Dubai from 19th October.

At the event, President Song talks about network connection and growth under his speech entitled “Connect + New Growth”. It was mainly a short description of the Huawei CAF (Coverage/Architecture/Fusion) model which is bringing network competitiveness among the operators.

During his speech, Huawei President noted down that the CAF model is becoming a key to operators, which is opening new opportunities in the market. He further describes that although the past year was a bit challenging, we have seen tremendous changes.

Even the families are moving towards diversification from the single entertainment center. Today, people have merged the network connection for multiple functions such as education, office, and trade, which is no longer solely concerned with bandwidth.


Huawei CAF Network Model:

According to President Song, the extension and the integration of the connection are the main keynotes of the connection plus. It means, the continued acceleration of the digitalization process making the society recognize the importance of a stabilized and strong connection.

Huawei CAF network Model

Based on this fact, Song Peng introduced the Huawei CAF network model where “C” denotes coverage, “A” denotes architecture, and “F” denotes fusion. Furthermore, there was an in-depth discussion about all three points at the event.


It mainly highlights the different points where a connection tries to reach different households and businesses. Considering today’s demands, operators need to provide the connection to every room for each device in a family. Furthermore, there are mainly two technologies currently leading this sector- AirPON and Digital Quick ODN solutions.



It refers to the algorithms where a connection needs to integrate with the cloud to enable digitization of the industry. However, it’s divided into two stages- the first one is to connect to the cloud. Meanwhile, the second stage is the difficult one and is coupled with cloud integration to gradually build an ecology.


This term lets us mainly focuses on exploring the network architecture that will support current and future business success. In addition, there were some leading technologies recommended by the president. It includes the use of copper-to-optical, OXC, SRv6, ADN, and other technologies.

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Huawei to bring a plain leather version of Mate X2 foldable smartphone



Huawei has always provided a huge variety lits of its products for the customers in both markets. The products vary in terms of hardware configuration including display, camera, memory, battery, and processor, colors, and software features.

Besides all these variants, the smartphone maker also brings new editions of the previously introduced smartphones with new tweaks. Although the features and hardware components mostly remain the same, the company mainly modify the device’s appearance as well as added new functions.

Some reports show that this Shenzhen-based firm is going to introduce a new edition of its latest folding screen smartphone. According to our fruitful tipster- DigitalChatStation, the company is preparing a new plain leather version of Huawei Mate X2.

Yet, there is only limited information available about this subject. However, the tipster further informs that Huawei Mate X2 plain leather version will come with the Kirin 9000 processors with 5G network accessibility, which is really hopeful news for the users who were waiting for the company to return with 5G.


Huawei Mate X2 plain leather version

On top of this, the software capabilities will be powered by the HarmonyOS software system. Apart from all these, there are no other changes mentioned by him. It suggests that the rest configuration including hardware and software will be the same. Furthermore, he didn’t leave any clue about the availability of the plain leather version of the Huawei Mate X2 foldable.

Huawei Mate X2:

Huawei Mate X2 was initially launched in February 2021 featuring the two display systems combines with a new technology hinge. It makes the smooth switching from an 8-inch screen to a 6.45-inch screen. The smartphone is powered by a 5nm Kirin 9000 processor. In addition, it features a 5400 mAh large battery, supports a 55W SuperFast charge that is half chargeable within 30 minutes.

The camera system also works in the smartphone, even in the foldable state. This futuristic smartphone has a 50MP quad-camera system of Leica lenses with 100x zoom capabilities. Aside from the specs, the color scheme in Crystal Blue, Crystal Pink, White, Black are another highlight in the device.

(Via- Ithome)

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