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Huawei is listed in key projects list of Qingdao City in 2022



Huawei Qingdao projects 2022

Huawei is continuously working and expanding its business in every sector alongside its major smartphone. According to the latest news, Huawei’s new projects have appeared on the Qingdao city municipal major projects 2022 list.

On January 10, the Qingdao Development and Reform Commission has officially released the Qingdao municipal major projects list. The projects are implemented in 2022 with the consent of the Qingdao city municipal government.

Also, the new information reveals that major companies listed in the key projects 2022 of Qingdao city list include Huawei, BOE, Konka, Royale, Goertek, and more. Further, this year’s “No. 1 Document” and “Notice on the announcement of the List of Major Projects in Qingdao in 2022″, Qingdao once again aimed to four new economies with focusing on the main direction of advanced manufacturing, planning ahead, careful investigation, and performing sincerely

According to the idea of ​​”concentrate on key projects and focus on key projects”, the Qingdao city government researched and determined that in 2022, the city will arrange 416 major projects with a total investment of 928.21 billion yuan.

Huawei Qingdao projects 2022

Qingdao city project planning:

The Qingdao government announced that the 416 major projects include 300 construction projects with a total investment of 639.56 billion yuan. While the rest 116 initial projects with a total investment of 288.65 billion yuan.

The notice also discloses that out of 416 projects, 238 are “four new” economic projects, with a total investment of 415.506 billion yuan, and the number and investment ratio are 57.2% and 44.8%, respectively.

From the point of view of industrial sectors, the top three industrial sectors accounting for 44.3% are:

  • High-end equipment industry
  • The new-generation information technology industry
  • New energy and materials industry

The major construction projects include:

  • Huawei Artificial Intelligence Computing Center project
  • Qingdao Microelectronics Industrial Park and intelligent microsystem module industrialization project
  • BOE IoT mobile display port device production base project
  • CIS photosensitive chip packaging and camera module manufacturing projects
  • Sixth generation fully flexible color AMOLED display production line project
  • Huaxin Jingyuan’s third-generation semiconductor compound wafer substrate project,
  • Qingdao Fusion New Material Technology Co., Ltd.’s mini LED backplane project and more.

Huawei Qingdao projects 2022

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