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Huawei invites 2021 HarmonyOS Application Developers satisfaction survey



Huawei is inviting the developers to the 2021 HarmonyOS Application Developers satisfaction survey for a better understanding of the scenarios and use cases. The company wants to collect feedback in order to bring necessary modifications to the system.

This HarmonyOS Developers satisfaction survey of Huawei will run in the month of October and November. The developers are welcome to share their genuine suggestions, and experience with the company and contributed to building a prosperous developer ecosystem.

This survey will take about 20 minutes to answer all the questions in the easiest way. The suggestions and work experience will provide great help in the development and execution process of HarmonyOS. Below you can check some of the basic questions being asked in this survey.

HarmonyOS Developers survey

HarmonyOS Developers satisfaction survey: Question Set

Which of the following is your company size or nearer?

  1. Independent developer
  2. A small or a startup company (with 5 people)
  3. Medium-sized company (5-500 people)
  4. A regular-sized company (more than 500-1,000 people)
  5. A large company (more than 1,000 people)

Which of the following are the business directions of your current company team? 

  1. SV service development
  2. O2O platform development
  3. APP/service development/software customization service/software outsourcing service Intelligent hardware development
  4. Website system development
  5. Other

Have you or your company developed something based on HarmonyOS?

  1. HarmonyOS Atomic Service (such as service tablets)
  2. HarmonyOS Applications

Which operating system-based apps and services are you or your team currently developing? 

  1. Apple iOS
  2. Google Android
  3. Huawei HarmonyOS
  4. Other

Why did you or your company choose to develop and launch applications on Huawei HarmonyOS?

  1. I am optimistic about the profit and income potential of HarmonyOS
  2. This is the decision of our company’s senior executives
  3. The Huawei scale of Huawei equipment is large, it’ll help us in expanding our own userbase
  4. We are interested in the uniqueness of HarmonyoS’s capabilities
  5. I want to experience HarmonyOS
  6. We want to support Huawei in developing a better OS
  7. Existing users are demanding HarmonyOS
  8. Other

HarmonyOS Hongmeng OS

The answers will help the company’s developers in analyzing the current scenario and users’ demands in order to better serve HarmonyOS. To date, this open-source software has been installed on over 120 million systems and is aimed to cover 300 million devices within this year and 400 million by the next year.

Besides, Huawei with the Euler community also bringing the OpenEuler the complementary software system of HM OS that while covering the rest of applications such as cloud, edge computing, and embedded devices.

(Source- Ithome)

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