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First third party IoT operating system launched based on OpenHarmony



Midea IoT openHarmony

On October 14, 2021, Midea, a giant Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer launched Midea IoT operating system 1.0. This is the first third party IoT operating system based on OpenHarmony 2.0 open source project and in partnership with Open Atom Foundation, the open source code manager for HarmonyOS.

Midea IoT operating system 1.0 shares the latest cross device features powered by distributed capability framework in the OpenHarmony project. This includes features such as shared activity and plug and play power for each Midea smart device made for home appliance products.

Midea IoT openHarmony

Midea and Huawei:

Back in June, Midea confirmed to collaborate with Huawei on HarmonyOS use in its devices. Last December, Midea launched a number of new products featuring HarmonyOS and to provide a new inter-connected smart device experience.

According to the information, HarmonyOS powered Midea home appliances have been launched in 7 categories and 12 products. The use of HarmonyOS has made home appliance control much easy than ever, for an instance, you can control a Midea device with a smartphone and it only needs 3 seconds to pair it with the corresponding home appliance device.

The previously released COLMO EVOLUTION cabinet, COLMO EVOLUTION on-hook, and COLMO Ark AI dehumidifier is also equipped with HarmonyOS smart device operating system.

The OpenHarmony based Midea IoT operating system shows that they won’t have to rely on another operating system including Huawei’s but the cooperation with the release, even after that, this new launch only bring these two companies will further strengthen the bond between these two tech makers.

Midea IoT openHarmony


OpenHarmony is the open source project of HarmonyOS operating system, designed by Huawei for various use cases and it works on different types of platforms. Last year, Huawei donated the project to Open Atom foundation to manage its source code.

Since its establishment, the project has been joined by various industry partners to contribute their part to the development. OpenAtom OpenHarmony project team working committee members mainly include Huawei, PATEO,, Runhe, Yikatong, Software Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chinasoft International. Let’s check further, which group has donated in which group.

OpenHarmony Project Donors:

  • A Category Donors: Huawei PATEO, JD, Runhe, Yikatong, Chinasoft International
  • B Category Donors: ISoftStone
  • C Category Donors: Huaqiu, Speedo
  • Special Category Donors: Thiel Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences Software Institute

(Source – Weibo)

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