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Huawei HarmonyOS to reach 2% of global smartphone sales



huawei harmonoyos software updates

According to the latest research from StrategyAnalytics, Huawei HarmonyOS has achieved 2% of global smartphone sales by the operating system. This is quite a big number for the Chinese tech maker as well as the new OS that is making remarkable achievements.

Although HarmonyOS is still enclosed in the Chinese market, Huawei is making sure that the operating system makes a global impact. For that, Huawei is continuously making efforts to rollout 4G  smartphones among consumers. On the other hand, its performance in the Chinese market is also exceeding expectations.

The report reduces sales forecasts for the Apple iOS system due to the sharp changes made to the manufacturing and supply chain. In 2022, iOS smartphone sales will be 18% and in 2027, the shares will reduce to 17%.

Meanwhile, Android is the most affected operating system and will be hit hard in the upcoming years due to various reasons in the global market.

harmonyos 2% global

This year, Huawei phones will gather 80% of the overall operating system market but it could rebound to a total of 83% in 2027.

Interestingly, the report has not forecasted further growth for HarmonyOS in 2027 and remained cautious about its future outlook.

Despite uncertainty from the market tracker, Huawei continues to post new records for HarmonyOS. This includes the announcement made during the Huawei Developer Conference 2022 (HDC 2022).

Huawei has increased HarmonyOS installation by over 320 million and continues to post new installation goals by each month.

(via – ithome)

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