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Huawei can help build high-end car brands: CEO



Huawei SERES Auto

In the last two years, Huawei has progressed pretty fast in the field of the smart car business. The company is providing technology for third-party car makers such as smart car cockpits powered by HarmonyOS.

Recently, the CEO of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, Yu Chengdong said in an interview that making low-end cars can sell a lot but it’s meaningless. Yu also mentioned that Huawei is investing a lot in the field of smart cars to innovate new software, hardware, chips, algorithms, and more. Hence, the Chinese tech maker can help car companies to sell a lot of units.

That’s not it, Huawei can help car makers to become high-end brands to acquire more sales.

In the past two years, Huawei cooperated with multiple car brands such as SERES. Meanwhile, the smart car business team is working tirelessly including weekends, nights, evenings, and holidays.

Huawei also a lot on customer service and the development of smart car solutions. The aim of Huawei is to become number one in China and the world.

(source – mydrivers)

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