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Huawei founder admires employees for not paying attention to personal interests



Huawei founder

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, and smart car business unit head, Yu Chengdong sat in an interview with Chinese state media CCTV. He revealed that Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei admires how employees that put all of their interests into the Huawei team.

Yu was talking about working at home and in his spare time. He said frankly that he wasn’t able to pay attention to housework, and other interests including movies and shows.


Yu revealed, Huawei staff is continuously fighting for the company and the Chinese tech firm needs that fighting spirit. On the other hand, Yu pointed out that Huawei Founder, Rhen Zhengfei and his elders do not pay attention to personal interests.

Yu emphasized that he is a person who refuses to admit defeat but he is definitely not a person who shows off. The Huawei founder always taught himself to be ordinary and Yu and his team are like brothers and sisters.

Huawei team cares for and values each other, which creates a nurturing environment for everyone.

The consumer business chief said that he doesn’t have a high level of state and we are educated that “the national interest is high than the collective interest and collective interests is higher than the individual interest”

These are important and precious words and make way for a better vision for the Huawei team and the entire company.

(via – MyDrivers)

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