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Huawei Global Digital Power Summit 2021 set for October 16



Huawei Global Digital Power Summit 2021

Huawei is conducting the Global Digital Power Summit 2021 under the theme of Carbon Neutrality. This summit will be held on October 16th from 14:00 – 18:00 (UTC +4) in Dubai.

The company has also invited many industry leaders and experts from the field of AI, Cloud, and Big Data to present their respective on the next industrial trends of digitalization and energy transition.

Moreover, Huawei is working to develop a low-carbon smart society bringing an ultimate and greener future for its consumers and partner. In addition, the experts will provide insights on various subjects that mainly includes-

  • Challenges and opportunities of sustainability developments
  • Promote industry upgrade with continuous innovations
  • Create values for the customers
  • Decarburization of power generation and electrification of energy consumption

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Huawei Global Digital Power Summit 2021

With this summit, this Chinese tech giant will complete another step in the journey towards a green future. The speakers will provide solutions to resolve the challenges in the development of new productions, economic development, and realizes low-carbon cities. Below you can check the agenda and event timeline.

Agenda and Timeline

  • Sign-in (13:30–14:00)
  • Building a Low-carbon Smart Society (14:00–14:30)
  • Energy Development Vision and the Future of the Digital Economy (14:30-14:45)
  • Smart DC, Building the Future (14:45-15:00)
  • Building Green, Low-Carbon Data Center (15:00-15:15)
  • Solar-plus-Storage Enables Smart PV to Become the Main Energy Source (15:15-15:30)
  • Large-scale Photovoltaic Power Plant Helps Achieve a Green Future (15:30-15:45)
  • Seizing Site Power Technical Trends, Win-Win in Carbon Neutrality (15:45-16:00)
  • Low-carbon ICT Network Construction Practice (16:00-16:15)
  • Signing Ceremony (16:15-16:30)
  • Coffee Break / Exhibition Visit (16:30-16:50)
  • Digital Infrastructure Sustainability (16:50-17:05)
  • Green Power Industry Standards (17:05-17:20)
  • Panel Discussion: Invest in Green Energy and Develop the Digital Economy (17:20-18:00)
  • Carbon Neutrality Initiative (18:00-18:15)

Venue: Address Sky View, Dubai, UAE

If you are also interested in this summit and to take part, you can register your selves through the company’s official websites or click here

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