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Huawei filed lawsuit against Swedish Post and Telecommunications Agency for banning 5G participation



Huawei 5G

Besides the US-China tech war, Huawei continues to fight for its 5G technology patent in other countries too. In this line, the tech giant previously filed a lawsuit against PTS in Swedish Administrative Court for restricting its participation in 5G. The company believes the Swedish PTS disrupting the Swedish Administrative Law on some groundless facts.

Thus, the Chinese company declined to accept this kind of decision which isn’t justified. However, the outcome is quite disappointing as it has lost the case. Still, Huawei didn’t give up on the fight and filed the second lawsuit in the Swedish Court of Appeal. Huawei attorney Henrik Bengtsson is currently attending this case.

According to Mr. Bengtsson, the verdict has been made before analyzing all aspects therefore its has some major flaws. It clearly indications two points- first, the court accepted the capricious consideration of PTS without investigating. And secondly, the PTS is working under the influence of outsiders that it has not made any independent decisions.

He further stated, he is expecting a fair judgment from the Court of Appeal to fight against PTS’s decision that legally violates the Swedish and EU law. Besides, the court didn’t give a fair chance to explain the plaintiff’s (Huawei) perspective before concluding the case. That’s why it’s important for Huawei to take this lawsuit to the higher Swedish courts.


Furthermore, the Chinese firm also emphasizes, if the Court of Appeal disagrees with Huawei’s interpretation of these EU laws, it should explain the basic ruling to clarify the reason. As of now, it isn’t clear that how much time the Court of Appeal will take in accepting the case.

About Swedish PTS: 

It is an abbreviation for Swedish Post and Telecommunications Agency that monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden. Its working sector covers telephony including internet, radio, broadband, and postal services.

It also participates at global level international organizations together with other equipment manufacturers and operators to harmonize the rules of the participating in 5G activities.

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