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Huawei release a patent for detecting abnormal behaviors of smart IoT vehicles



There is no doubt that Huawei not only provides next-level smart car technologies but also proving itself as a challenger to the giant automotive OEMs.

In this line, on the 15th of  June, Huawei released a new patent entitled “a method, device, and system for detecting abnormal behaviors of the Internet of Things Vehicles”.

The company applied for this patent on the 20th of November in 2018 and it has publication number – CN111200799B. The patent shows a method for abnormal behavior detection in automotive.

Speaking of the method, it’s suitable for the vehicle transmission arrangement for communication. This communication unit is a composition of a smart IoT sending module, a smart IoT receiving module, and a smart IoT server.

The smart IoT receiving module caught the signals sends by the sending unit installed in the automotive. After that, the receiving unit applies the first abnormal behavior detection approach to identify any abnormal message sent by the sending module.

Later, it sends the final report message to the smart IoT server of the vehicle, where the report message includes the first Internet of Vehicles message. This method follows the approach to ensure the safety of the vehicle communication system.

(Source- Mydrivers)

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