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Huawei doesn’t raise pigs, it provides technologies to raise them: Official



Rumors have been circulating online that Huawei is turning to new businesses that include pig farming and to reduces its current problems and to fill its loss in different businesses.

At the launch event of the Cloud Service Conference, Huawei’s Machine Vision President, Duan Aiguo shot down these rumors and said that Huawei doesn’t raise pigs but empowered enterprises to raise them.

Last month, Duan revealed that Huawei has launched Huawei Smart Pig Raising Solution. The plan proposes that the development direction of the industry is digital intelligent and unmanned.

This revelation also created concerns in the global market and generated quite a heat among the rumor spreaders.

He believes that the application of AI in pig-raising companies is still very lagging compared to other industries. “There are also large pig raising companies who have come to us on the initiative, hoping to use technology to empower the pig industry.”

Regarding the changes that have been made so far, Duan also explained that everyone first focused on video surveillance but after Huawei’s upbringing of AI technologies, it began to call smart security.

Later, it was discovered that smart security could not meet the needs of enterprises, except In addition to security, it is also necessary to solve the intelligent problem of enterprise production, operation, and management, so it was renamed as machine vision.

“Smart security is only part of machine vision, and machine vision and smart security are not mutually exclusive.” He revealed that the current product and marketing team of Huawei’s machine vision business is about 2,000 people and planned to grow more.


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