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Huawei Store Online available on My Huawei app, bringing more convenience for shopping



Huawei Store on My Huawei App

Recently, Huawei announces that the Huawei store online is available on the My Huawei App in Malaysia. Now you can search all the Huawei products including smartphones, smart screen, wearables, and other at one place. It brings more convenience by providing multiple services in one place.

You can get all the latest updates about products’ pricing, offers, sales, services, campaigns, and the company’s latest information on this platform. Furthermore, they won’t have to struggle anymore in switching different apps or channels as they can have a full Huawei service package on My Huawei App.

At present, there are only countable countries that have access to My Huawei App besides China. The rest includes Austria, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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My Huawei App: The Upgraded Support App

The My Huawei App mainly combines the experience of the Huawei Support App and community channels. It connects all the services such as the latest news, shopping channels, Huawei academy, support services, device center, and others.

Initially, it takes care of the after-sale services but with the access of Huawei online stores, it’s easy to know the details of a product from its pricing to offers. It brings the Huawei customers together via connecting them with community channels. So that they can discuss their problems and share their knowledge for easy operation.

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