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Huawei detachable mobile technology, here’s how it work: Patent



huawei mate x2 foldable phone

Huawei is always been ambitious with new technologies, especially when it comes to innovating in the field of smartphones. We have seen a number of patents from the Chinese tech giant. As such a new patent has been filled by Huawei’s detachable mobile device.

As per the info, this patent is registered with the number CN113271368A and it was initially applied in September 2020. With this patent, Huawei has another new smartphone technology at work.

The patent extract shows the Huawei detachable mobile that has two different parts – the screen and the host. Both of these modules are detachably connected to each other. When the screen and the host module are integrated, the outer surface of the display can be connected to the host component.

huawei detachable phone

The host model is a bit heavier as it has a communication module set in the host assembly, in this way, the weight of screen assembly is greatly reduced. When these two parts are separated, the device can still make and receive calls via the screen module.


This way the weight any user needs to carry while talking will be less than, what we have now. This further improves the user experience and makes it more convenient to make long calls.

Although the existence of this new technology is not yet confirmed and it’s just on paper for now. And we will keep you updated on this matter as soon as we get anything new.

huawei detachable phone patent

Huawei Rollable phone in concept renders [Video]

Huawei has recently published a patent that showcased a rollable phone and its working method. With this piece of information, the concept creator has brought us a clear idea about how rollable smartphones can become reality.

The rollable phones have a different mechanism compared to the foldable phones, these smartphone uses magnets to avoid screen creases when rolled outwards. It uses a roller in the middle between the two magnets, with the help of which it can be easily rolled.


Check out these renders along with the video to understand the working of the Huawei Rollable phone. Check here 

(Via – IT Home)

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.


New Huawei VR shooting patent, enhancing video recording capability



Huawei VR Glasses

A new Huawei VR shooting patent has come to sight with the publication CN113518189A in China. This patent embodies a complete set of solutions for VR video shooting devices, procedures, algorithms, and storage arrangement.

This described arrangement targets providing a VR video shooting method with less help of panoramic photography equipment. In addition, the method and device will be bearable for the small vendors and creators.

Huawei VR Shooting Patent:

According to the information mentioned in the patent document, using the latest technology wearables such as AR (extended reality), VR (virtual reality), or MR (mixed reality), the company wants to develop an electronically relative position to realize the process.

However, it follows an arrangement, where the main device’s location calculation takes place in a virtual world. After the calculation completes, the wearable device works with the virtual camera and captures the moments of the real scenarios. Thus the VR video shooting realizes without implementing the panoramic photography equipment.


Moreover, the method and device described in the Huawei VR Shooting Patent lessen the dependability on professional panoramic equipment. Instead, it only requires a smart device that is associated with a wearable device and provides backend support.

Speaking of current VR devices of the company, they smartly interact with other devices such as laptops and computers. Seems like the next successor will be getting this latest technology. Yet, the company hasn’t made any public announcement.

The Idea Behind VR Shooting Patent:

Although the major manufacturers have explored several aspects of the VR field and improved the user experience, the current challenges are no less. Still, VR devices have a separate place among consumers as it offers them a connection between real and imaginary world.

Moving ahead, the VR video shooting has a complete set of expensive technologies and devices. Furthermore, they are not only difficult to operate, but also have extremely heavy panoramic photography components. Huawei only wants to reduce the burden by providing easy-going and convenient equippments.


(Via- Mydrivers)

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Huawei developing sports posture error correction feature, filed new wearable patent



Huawei Watch Blood Pressure

On 19th October 2021, Huawei published a new wearable patent document explaining a method about the posture correction feature. The company wants to design a new feature for its wearable collection and give more hikes to the workout sessions.

According to the Chinese Intellectual Property Database, Huawei applied for a patent entitled “Sports Gesture Recognition Method, Terminal Equipment and Storage Media” in April 2020, which has been published with the publication number CN113509173A in China.

The document shows, the method is appropriate to install in electronic devices. It involves motion gesture recognition methods, the end device, and storage mechanism. After synchronizing them, the device will provide desirable results.

Huawei posture correction feature

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Huawei Posture Correction Feature

The posture correction feature of Huawei will work while collecting real-time information using the inbuilt sensors in the device. In addition, it’ll be able to detect gesture movements of the user through the motion data or auxiliary data. Thereafter, analyzing them it’ll notify the athlete about his incorrect motion or exercise.

The patent technology mainly targets to provide adequate results to the players to make them avoid wrong movements. The wearable integrated with this function will be able to not only detects the wrong moves but also guide about the correct one. Moreover, the Huawei posture correction feature will encourage professionalism in the players during their workouts.

Huawei posture correction feature

To be mentioned, the company has a number of fitness bands and smartwatches in its wearable collection. It mainly contains, Huawei Watch Fit lineup, Watch GT lineup, Watch 3 series, and Huawei Bands. Therefore, it may to possible for the company to introduce this new feature for its wrist collection soon.

More About Patents:

Previously, Huawei reveals its auxiliary makeup patents that describe make-up communication technology to provide proper guidance. It uses has an HD camera, real-time data, and some inbuilt manual that offers effective makeup references to improve the skills. Yet, the company hasn’t announced it officially.


(Source: Ithome)

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Huawei filed auxiliary makeup patent, could launch new app




Back in March 2020, Huawei filed a patent application for auxiliary makeup that recently got the approval of the Intellectuals. Seems like, the company is preparing to explore something that isn’t its main focus.

According to the Chinese Property Patent Database, Huawei has publishes the “Auxiliary Makeup Method, Terminal Equipment, Storage Media, and Program Products” patent on 12th October in China.

This new patent with the publication number CN113496459A embodies new methods and devices that are related to auxiliary makeup. The abstract describes it as suitable for make-up communication technology to provide proper guidance.

Huawei Auxiliary Makeup Patent Description:

As per the method described in the document, it’ll obtain one facial feature and analyze them to determine makeup instructions corresponding to different faces. The procedure can be described in the below-mentioned terms.

  1. Using an HD camera, the device will scan users’ facial appearance and collected the needed data.
  2. After gathering the data, it’ll analyse the makeup effect map with the respective makeup contours of the user
  3. Now, it’ll display the applicable makeup contour guidance on the area that needs the makeup
  4. This is how a user will get the instruction that suits most to them.

The outcome will provide users with effective makeup references during the makeup process to improve their makeup skills. Moreover, using these directories a user can apply makeup that is nearly close to the shown makeup effect.

However, Huawei hasn’t disclosed the actual medium for this implementation. But the description shows that the company is preparing for a new makeup app that will either launch separately in the Huawei App Market or will come pre-installs on the smartphones.

Besides, this Chinese tech giant is the top patent inventor with the most investment in research and development in the field of  5G, 6G, automotive, smartphones, cameras, operating systems, etc. Furthermore, it holds the maximum number of patents in the field of 5G and 6G in the native market as well the overseas markets.

 Huawei auxiliary make-up patent

(Source- Ithome)

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