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Huawei reveals thermal management patent for electric vehicle, water cooling and heat dissipation



Huawei Baic smart car

Huawei owns a handy patent related to thermal management to improve the system performance and reliability by removing the high heat flux generated in electronic cars.

The company is still polishing its technologies and evolving the application criteria of heat management methods. On this matter, this Chinese tech discloses a new patent which was filed on 28th May 2021 in China.

Check the brief overview below-

New Huawei Thermal Management Patent

Title: A thermal management system and electric vehicle

Publication Number: CN113276744A

Publication Date: August 20, 2021

Application Criteria: Cooling seat Water Circuit

Huawei thermal management patent

The patent method describes the thermal management approach to moderated heat in the seat water circuit using a battery water circuit.

The vehicle’s battery waterway and seat waterway are the practice filed of this method. We can observe from the given figure that the cooling water pump’s wallplug is attached with the seat waterway and battery cold surface in a four-seating vehicle.

Moving ahead, all seats have water cooling capacity at both ends that maintain the operating temperature in the environment and provide a more comfortable riding experience.

Huawei thermal management patent image

More About Huawei Patents:

Huawei is the leading and innovative firm of China which is also the biggest patent holder in the country. The company has innovative patents in the automotive field, smartphones, smart vehicles, folding screens, network technology, and more.

In March 2021, the company displays 729 key patents among the 100,000 patents that it owns. Its patent category coves about 40,000 classes all around the wrold. (Read More Here)

(Source: Ithome)

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