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Huawei Petal One Surprise Offer: 1 yuan membership for the first month for limited buyers



Huawei Petal One 1 Yuan Membership

Huawei brings the latest membership offers for the first buyers of Huawei Petal One, the company’s all-in-one service package. As per the information, the first limited subscribers of Huawei Petal One can use it for 1 Yuan for a month.

The first 10,000 buyers will enjoy the service at 1 Yuan for the pre-appointment period until 30th August. Originally, the company takes 79 Yuan ( USD 13) per month from the subscribers for the services include in Huawei Petal One.

The subscribers can visit the Huawei member Center for more surprises on the event page. The time is very limited, make a wise decision quickly to avail most benefits.

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Huawei Petal One

Huawei Petal One:

It was launched at the flagship product launch conference and combine three high-quality digital services. The prices are relatively low with the facility to cancel the membership anytime.

Besides the offered services, it has a better price, rich content, and an easy operation process. Furthermore, it delivers full scene support for smartphones, smart wearables, smart screens, and more devices with distributive capabilities.

Huawei Cloud Space:

The buyers will get safer storage on the cloud with 200GB of space that is sharable between five family members. For safety purposes, the company ensures timely updates for stable remote access of your data.

Huawei Video Streaming:

Coming to the video streaming platform, the buyers will receive Huawei Video Gold Member & Partner Zone VIP membership. It provides high-quality videos and movie collections.

Huawei Music Service:

The Huawei Music Service has a vibrant music collection to bring variety to the playlist collection. Furthermore, the copyright agreement with the Taihe Music Records and Universal Music Group is adding more choices for this music platform.

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