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Huawei plans new chip manufacturing technology, aims lesser chirp frequency



On 6th July 2021, Huawei discloses a new patent related to the laser chip with the publication number CN113054528A. As per the information the company applied for this patent on 12 December 2019.

The patent information reveals that it has been a long since Huawei is planning to explore the AI chip industry to providing us more enhance devices with high-performance computing power.

Returning back to the patent description, the module in this laser chip will be a composite of the following components.

  • Laser Chip main body
  • DML area (direct-adjusted laser¬†)
  • MZI filter area(Mach-Zehnder interferometer)
  • Isolation area

As the name suggests, the isolation area is placed between the DML and MZI as a midway to separate them. Whereas the DML will work as a light source, and the MZI filter used to create the filtering effects.

Furthermore, the MZI filter zone consists minimum of one MZI. While the DML area and the MZI filter area exist in the chip in a monolithic integrated layout.

The main purpose of the whole arrangement is to deliver a lesser chirp frequency of the laser and amplifies the signal broadcasting measure by combining the DML area and the MZI filter area on the module.

Besides, a previous report revealed that Huawei will build its first wafer fabrication manufacturing company in Wuhan. The production is expected to starts in the upcoming year. Additionally, the company is hiring talented engineers for chip development across various locations. (Read Full Story)

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