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Huawei culture helped me to face crisis: Honor CEO



Honor CEO

In a recent interview with Chinese state media, Honor CEO, Zhao Ming talked about the culture of Huawei and what he has learned from the former parent company.

Zhao revealed that he has worked at Huawei for 22 years and learned a lot. Honor CEO expressed that Huawei has a culture of facing crisis and it helped him to remain sober and calm in the face of challenges and difficulties.

In November 2020, Huawei officially announced partition with Honor. The decision came after the company was facing immense bans and restrictions from the U.S. and it then decided to make Honor independent.


Zhao also talked about the breakup with Huawei. After that, Honor moved on its own path. However, people were not optimistic about Honor and predicted that the phone maker is dying. There were some other factors such as epidemic and market conditions that were against everyone.

Honor CEO

Honor chief then emphasized his efforts to climb up the ladder. In 2021, Honor started to relaunch the smartphones in the market and the sales started rising. He said, Honor is not Huawei and it has to find a path of development suitable for its growth.

Throughout the past year, Honor has released a number of new smartphones and ramped up efforts to unveil even more in the upcoming year.

(source – mydrivers)

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