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Huawei HiSilicon Kirin CPU + Tongxin UOS makes up compatibility



Huawei HiSilicon is still one of the best chipset designers in the world and it has recently achieved compatibility completion certifications with 12 software and hardware partners based on Tongxin UOS.

According to the information, the certified combination of these two technologies was tested and authenticated on Huawei Qingyun Series L410, L420, W15, and W525.

It’s reported that the compatibility test and certifications aim to deliver high-quality solutions in the field of application software, business system, hardware peripherals, and more.

It will also provide an improved software and hardware ecosystem combination of Tongxin UOS + Huawei HiSilicon Kirin CPU. And accelerate the widespread implementation of results in related fields.

huawei hisilicon Tongxin UOS

Kunpeng Ecological Innovation center is Huawei’s first innovation center with independent technological innovation terminal capabilities in China.

On the other hand, it could conduct in-depth constructions of an ecosystem linkage between the government, enterprises, and industries. Furthermore, it could support the improvement of the “ecosystem soil fertility” of the terminal industry.

Tongxin software and Kunpeng ecosystem innovation center have been cooperating for a long time and extensively making technical adaptations for software and hardware products.

This helps to advance the use case of such technologies and promotes open source hardware, and software, enabling partners and talents to jointly develop tech that could improve user experience.

(via – Mydrivers)

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