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Huawei bringing new Mobile App Ecosystem, AppGallery, Developer support and more



On February 24, Huawei will hold three separate launch events for different products and services. And one of them is Huawei Developer Day (HDD) 2020 where the Chinese tech giant will unveil its latest software technologies.

Yanmin Wang, President of Huawei Global Partnerships and Eco-Development Division will kick off HDD 2020 with a keynote on Huawei’s 2020 mobile app ecosystem strategy, upcoming Huawei device support.

Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President, Mobile Services Europe Huawei Consumer Business Group will talk about new Huawei AppGallery and its expansion on a global market.

Andreas Zimmer, Senior Product Manager, Huawei European Product Center Huawei Consumer Business Group will explain the new Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core capabilities, which aims to deliver the alternatives of GMS and libraries for HMS developers.


HMS Core Kit grants developers access to 24 HMS Core kits, 55 services, and 997 APIs. Including services such as In-app purchases (IAP), Account Login and Game services, Push notifications, Analytics, Monetization, Maps, Location and more.

Mathieu Plauchut, head of European Software Ecosystem Partnership Huawei Consumer Business Group will talk about experiences with HMS capabilities and collaborations in the industry.

In the end, Huawei will host panels for developers to provide support to understand the new HMS Core libraries, HMS integration, best practices to publish apps on AppGallery, developer tools, developers’ incentives, and more.

This surely explains a lot of what’s coming at the HDD 2020 and we’re sure that is the beginning of the preparation for a new app ecosystem for its upcoming devices.


Huawei Developer Day will start at 16:00 CET on February 24 and you can watch it live here.

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Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) Core 6 beta enables better location based services



HMS Core

Recently, Huawei has begun the public beta testing of HMS Core 6.0 in the Huawei Public Test App ahead of the official unveiling. It provides five roots of major services for the map, search, payment, browsing, and advertising.

According to the information, the active beta testing of Huawei HMS Core 6.0 brings new AutoNavi Maps or Baidu Maps app through Huawei App Market. The test app also opens positioning permission, selects walking mode, enters a destination, starts to choose the route navigation, and walking.

Additionally, the HMS Core 6.0 public beta update comes with version and an update package of 102.3 MB.

Following the public beta, the company will reveal more developer kits and add new developer-related features to create unique new options in the apps made with HMS Core.


HMS Core 6.0:

On June 10, At Huawei Developer Day Beijing, Huawei has officially declared the upcoming unveiling of HMS Core 6.0 that will come with improved capabilities and new developer features and more.

Related to this, the Huawei Cloud Consumer Services chief said that the number of applications with HMS Core solution now hits 134,000 and it has become the third-largest mobile app ecosystem in the world.

On the other hand, Liu Dongfang, Vice President of Huawei Marketing and Solutions has shared the achievement of the HMS ecosystem. He said, the HMS Core solution registered developer number crossed 4 million at the end of May 2021.

However, HMS Core opened more than 60 capabilities for the developers and appreciating global developers to use and innovate new things for users.


(Via – ithome)

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Huawei AppGallery promotion comes in aid of businesses during the pandemic, provides big benefits for developers and content providers



On December 14, 2020, Huawei started its new and specially designed promo package on its proprietary mobile app distribution platform, AppGallery. This new promotion package will boost benefits for e-commerce businesses and app developers during the difficult time of the pandemic.

According to Huawei, the benefits of this promotion include a place on AppGallery’s “Collection” tab that will highlight e-commerce brands, sliding banners on the home-page, and free advertising that worth up to €2500. Business and content creators can sign up for this promotion starting December 14 to December 31, 2020, to get the benefits.

With this offer, Huawei is specifically approaching three business groups:

  1. First is the e-commerce brands and businesses who currently have no presence on AppGallery
  2. The second type of business with apps already available on AppGallery
  3. The third type of business that published apps with integrated Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

“We want to galvanize businesses and app developers in the e-commerce retail industry to accelerate their listing on AppGallery before the end of the year,” said Wang Heng, Vice President, Global Partnerships and Eco-Development at Huawei Consumer Business Group, CEE, and Nordics. “Huawei mobile users are looking for great ideas and inspiration while they are in or in-between lockdowns, and becoming part of AppGallery, particularly with the extra exposure and promotional boost we can deliver, will ensure these apps are positioned front and center of their search.”

AppGallery Promotion offer includes:

  1. Top 5 inclusion in AppGallery’s ‘Collection’ tab which features on the Home Page and highlights themed or seasonal collections of apps
  2. The sliding banner ad featuring the apps on the Home Page
  3. Access to AppGallery’s ‘Gift’ tab, which allows businesses to make special offers to users
  4. Access to Push notifications to make consumers aware of key messages and information
  5. The in-country technical support team for app integration and dedicated business support to optimize the experience in the Huawei ecosystem
  6. 5 or 10 days worth of free advertising on AppGallery worth €250 per day

Also, the experienced AppGallery engineering and technical support team will be available for content providers that commit to the promotion, to help them during integration and add Huawei’s chip-device-cloud capabilities that speed up the transformation of existing app models.

Developers also have the power to optimize the HMS Kits to make fast and easy integration. Among these is the Ads Kit, a monetization service that leverages Huawei’s extensive data capabilities to display targeted, high-quality ad content in apps to the vast user base of Huawei devices and beyond. A range of ad formats are on offer to suit different apps, and developers can currently integrate banner, native, rewarded, interstitial, splash, and roll ads.

Furthermore, Huawei will provide 90% ad click revenue to the content providers compared to the 70% cut provided by Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Additionally, if the same app is available in other app stores, any ads clicked but facilitated through Huawei’s ad network will also deliver 90% of revenue to the content provider.

“We are throwing the full gamut of our technical, marketing and revenue-raising abilities at this offer to enable e-commerce retail businesses and app developers to benefit immediately,” added Wang Heng from Huawei Consumer Business Group, CEE, and Nordics. “This is an outstanding offer that we expect to be over-subscribed very quickly, so we urge content providers who are looking for a way to reach millions of new mobile users with their apps to apply. The offer is only available to the end of the year.”

Several businesses across Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe has signed up for this offer and integrated their apps with HMS. Among them are global food delivery service Bolt Food, Danish online takeaway portal, and Smyk, a major department store network specializing in children’s toys and goods in Poland. The list of participating brands is growing and already includes additional businesses from Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, and Austria.

So how long it takes to integrate Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) into apps?


It takes 3 days to integrate apps with the HMS suite and the process of integration completes under five simple steps. One Day to obtain a registration approval, less than 15 minutes for creating an application and service provisioning, and then it’s about three days per Kit development before final application release. On average it takes two weeks for an existing app to be fully integrated with HMS.

The promotional offer is available to e-commerce businesses from the CEE and Nordic region until the end of 2020. It is applicable to businesses willing to upgrade their existing app to Huawei Mobile Services as well as brands looking to list their app on Huawei’s AppGallery for the first time.

Being one of the top three app marketplaces globally, AppGallery offers a wide variety of global and local apps across 18 categories including navigation & transport, news, social media, and more. AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries and regions with 500 million monthly active users globally. From January to September 2020, the total downloads from AppGallery have reached 294 billion times.

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New AppGallery: Everything you need to know



Huawei AppGallery

Huawei decided to grow its app distribution platform and the company is vowed to take every possible step to make more developers join its developer’s community and increase the number app on AppGallery.

Huawei AppGallery – the official app distribution platform of Huawei, providing a new alternative to its users. As a top 3 app marketplace globally, Huawei AppGallery is now available in over 170 countries/regions with 400 million monthly active users (MAUs), covering mainstream apps and services worldwide.

“Privacy, under your control’ has always been at the heart of our philosophy,” Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group commented, “We place privacy protection and cybersecurity as the top priorities of all our business operations and strictly implement them in all phases of our products. We also have the strictest privacy and cybersecurity solutions in Huawei AppGallery.”

To boost efforts, Huawei has invested more than 3,000 engineers in ecosystem engineering. The brand also provides one-stop operational support for developers worldwide, as well as funding such as the “Shining-Star” program to incentivize innovation.


Security on top:

Huawei AppGallery comes with new security and protection, including developer real-name verification and a four-step review process for secure app operation.

All apps go through a stringent verification test to prevent developers’ apps from malicious activity. It has an age-rating system to create a safe environment for children, filtering out apps that are not suitable for their age range.

AppGallery deploys the highest level of verification to isolate and protect users’ sensitive data and privacy. Personally-sensitive information – such as biometric data – will never be processed outside the Huawei device, giving the user complete control over their personal data.

EMUI allows users to have control over app user permission. More importantly, all user data is also anonymized and stored locally, corresponding to each user’s region.


Quality Apps for Huawei device users:

Huawei is working to increase the selection of top apps that have become an important aspect of users’ digital lifestyle, including both popular global applications and quality localized apps sections.

Huawei AppGallery segments applications across 18 categories, including news, social media, entertainment and more, all searchable with a simple and smooth browsing experience.

If there’s an app user can’t find, all they have to do is submit the desired app name to a ‘Wishlist’. Once this app goes on-shelf, the user who submitted it via ‘Wishlist’ will be notified.

In its latest content partnership, Huawei has collaborated with News UK, one of the UK’s biggest media companies, to bring accurate and updated news to Huawei users.


Huawei users will get to enjoy access to daily articles, radio shows and exclusive content on their Huawei devices, bringing greater convenience to users’ smart lifestyles.

“I think this is a really good long-term partnership we can have with Huawei. I feel there’s a lot more innovation we can do and really drive forward amazing customer experiences on those devices,” said Christina Scott, Chief Technology Officer of News UK.

Optimized AppGallery Apps:

Apps downloaded from Huawei AppGallery are optimized to work on Huawei devices, providing on-device capability such as high performance.

The key technology behind this optimization is Huawei HiAI, an open AI capability platform for smart devices, which pools software and hardware resources from different devices and facilitates collaborative, mutually-reinforcing interactions between them.


For example, the WPS Office app uses the HiAI intelligent recognition capability to achieve super-resolution optical character recognition to recognize text in images such as scanned documents and photos. The in-app documents are automatically detected and corrected, greatly improving productivity.

Quick Apps – Installation-free and tap-to use:

Quick Apps is an app ecosystem that houses a new type of installation-free apps. It provides good user experience, powerful functions and automatic updates for HTML5 pages, and consumes very little memory space.

Despite giving users the same experience as native apps, Quick Apps are written with only 1/5 amount of codes as compared to that of Android apps, therefore taking up less memory space.

Users can accommodate more than 2,000 Quick Apps instead of just 20 native apps with just 1GB of space.


Users can even add their favorite Quick Apps to their desktops for convenient access. Quick Apps are used on over 350 million Huawei phones. To date, there are more than 1,700 Quick Apps released globally, a 200% growth year-on-year.

To keep up with a new technology such as 5G, Quick App will be gradually rolled out to more countries and regions, opening China market’s mature Quick App standards and IDE development tools to global developers.

According to Huawei, developers across the world can publish Quick App to jointly deliver tap-to-use and installation-free experience to users.

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