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Huawei starts new AppGallery beta test campaign, performing testers will win awards



download huawei appgallery app

The AppGallery is Huawei’s official application distribution platform that comes pre-installed in its smartphones. Users can use AppGallery to search, download, manage, and share mobile apps.

Recently, Huawei started a beta test for the latest version of AppGallery to test its new features and will also award 5 performing testers.

Task Introduction:

  1. Download the Huawei SmartTest app from here.
  2. Install latest package of AppGallery, version
  3. Open AppGallery, register a Huawei ID and log in. Agree to Privacy Statement and User Agreement.
  4. Interact with different pages such as “Featured” “Categories” “Top” “Manager” and “Me”. Are their content useable and properly displayed? Are all modules in the same language as in system settings?
  5. Try search for an app and install it, Leave a comment on an app you have installed.
  6. Go to “Me – Gifts”, claim a gift pack and use it.
  7. New features: search paid app named “testapp01”, check if you can buy and install it.


This test will select 5 best performing testers, rewards are Huawei points:

1. One Huawei Gift card of 50 euro.

2. One Huawei Gift card of 20 euro.

3. Three Huawei Gift card of 10 euro.

Note: This test is available only available for some regions.

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