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AppGallery Evolution: 1.3 Million developers, 24 HMS Core Kits, 55K+ App integrations



Huawei AppGallery

On February 24, 2020, at Huawei Developer Day online summit, Huawei shared some important updates on its AppGallery and outlined the progress that the Chinese tech giant has made to grow Huawei AppGallery app distribution platform.

“Apps are the core of a smartphone experience and the app marketplaces play a vital role in the 5G era. Research on existing app marketplaces has shown that consumers are most concerned about privacy and security. Together with global developers, Huawei can help create this safe and secure ecosystem that will benefit both global consumers and developers alike,” said Wang Yanmin, President of Global Partnerships and Eco-Development at Huawei Consumer Business.

Huawei has grown its registered developers from 1.01 million to 1.3 million developers for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) to increase the selection of the apps on the AppGallery. Huawei has also invested in more than 3,000 engineers in ecosystem engineering.

HMS Core now reached 24 Kits resources such as Maps Kit, Machine Learning Kit, Scan Kit, Account Kit, Payments Kit and contributed to connecting more than 55,000 applications to HMS Core on the AppGallery.

“Global developers are joining the HMS Ecosystem and launching their apps on Huawei AppGallery, delivering a better experience for global consumers together.” wrote Huawei.


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