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Huawei-BAIC first STELATO S9 smart car official images appear on MIIT



Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 car images

Huawei and BAIC Automobile have been working on their joint brand ‘STELATO’ for a long while, and the first car from this series named ‘Xiangjie S9’ now appeared on MIIT with official images. The details also reveal some key features of this vehicle.

According to the inputs, Xiangjie is the Chinese term for STELATO (English name). The Huawei-BAIC developed STELATO S9 EV images are now showing up in the latest regulatory filing of new car models from the China’s MIIT Institute.

Notably, the regulatory filing of new smart car models enables consumers to submit their feedback. One can look at the catalog and share their reviews till March 19.

Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 car images

Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 images (Credits: ITHome)

As per MIIT, the STELATO S9 is an all-electric sedan model with two single-motor and one dual-motor variant. The former version bears a maximum power of 227kW whereas, the latter has an additional front motor (supplied by Huawei) with a maximum power of 158kW.

In terms of battery, the car equips Li-ion ternary and Li-ion ternary+ lithium iron manganese phosphate, supplied by CATL. The luxurious brand is likely to land on the surface in June, covering overseas markets like Asia and Europe.

Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 car images

Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 images (Credits: ITHome)

STELATO S9 – Design

Huawei-BAIC developed smart car opts for a similar outlook to the AITO Wenjie M9. MIIT reveals that the official body color will be gold while users can also pick from the black and white shades. The car has lidar and electronic exterior mirrors for a smart driving experience.

On the other hand, the side and back of the STELATO S9 appear identical to the Luxeed S7. The smart car has a large-scale arc roof with simple lines for a stable posture. Ahead, the dimensions of the car are 5160mm x 1987mm x 1486mm. Meanwhile, the wheelbase is 3050mm.

Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 images (Credits: ITHome)


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