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Updated on December 15, 2019:

Huawei Assistant is your phone’s personal assistant, insights and news feed all in one.

Note: Huawei Assistant is still in its beta version.

You can download the latest version below:


With Huawei assistant, you can do the following:

Global Search
Global Search is an all-in-one search bar that allows the user to search for information on your phone such as locally installed apps, memos, emails, calendar entries, etc. as well as online.

Instant Access
Instant Access displays your favorite shortcuts conveniently at the top of the Huawei Assistant. Users can customize the shortcuts displayed and their locations.

SmartCare displays contextual cards provided by Huawei.

At the beginning, the internal functions Calendar, Weather, Missed Calls, Phone Usage, and Data Consumption are enabled. More cards will be delivered from Huawei and partners in the future.

For the Huawei Newsfeed, the company is partnered up with the leading news agencies and providers. Newsfeed displays content based on the language & region settings of the device to enable news in users’ language.



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