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Huawei allied with iFlytek to make Chinese large-scale AI model architecture



Huawei is forging an alliance with Chinese tech maker iFlytek to make large-scale AI model architecture for the industry.

According to the information, both parties confirmed this alliance during the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. This year, the event is making headlines for huge debate among participants about large-scale models.

What’s in the partnership?

Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK, Hu Guopin announced the cooperation with Huawei. This will allow iFLYTEK to use Huawei’s Shengteng AI to create a new base for general intelligence.

iFLYTEK’s large-scale cognitive model is based on the integrated design of training and reasoning, which uses the technological breakthrough of sparse large-scale models and low-precision quantification.

Also, it can efficiently adapt to Ascend AI and accelerate large-scale models. With Ascend AI as the core, software, and hardware are collaboratively optimized to build a large-scale model training cluster.

This combination provides concentrated computing power, superior performance, stable supply, and data security.

Hu Guoping further said that the large model is similar to the top layer of the brain. It is the combination of over 100 billion neurons, that receive input stimulation, and then generate intelligence as an output.

It delivers similar intelligence stimulation and operation mechanisms.

“What the brain can do, the big model can also achieve. This indicates that the big model has unlimited potential. Artificial intelligence has gone through four waves, and in the era of big models where intelligence emerges, it is possible to find the right solution finally.” concluded Guoping.

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