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Pangu 3.0 focus on tasks and not on poems: Huawei



Huawei Pangu tasks AI large model

During the Huawei Developer Conference Cloud 2023, the tech maker launched Pangu Large Scale model 3.0 and praised that the model solely focuses on tasks and their execution not on writing prompts for poems.

At the conference, Huawei Executive Director and Huawei Cloud CEO Zhang Pingan delivered a keynote speech titled “Everything is a Service, AI Reshape Thousands of Industries” speech.

Zhang mentioned ChatGPT, a popular AI reply and conversation application developed by OpenAI. He said that after the launch of ChatGPT, hundreds of large-scale models have been launched around the world.

In the first half of 2023, 80+ large-scale model products were released in China. Some of these large-scale models can write poems and some can draw paintings.

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Huawei Pangu tasks AI large model

Pangu Do things:

However, Huawei chief came back to Pangu Model 3.0 and said that it doesn’t write poems instead, it focuses on executing tasks. The new model focuses on value scenarios and is committed to being robust for government affairs, finance, manufacturing, coal mines, railways, pharmaceuticals, meteorology, and other industries.

Zhang concluded that there were many branches of AI technology before, because there was no general AI architecture to solve the problem, but at this stage, AI technology has developed from multiple branches to the era of large models.

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