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Huawei launches Pangu Large Model 3.0



Huawei Pangu model 3.0

On July 7, 2023, Huawei announced Pangu Large Model 3.0 at the Huawei Cloud Developer Conference 2023. Zhang Pingan, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Cloud delivered a keynote speech on “Everything is a Service, AI Reshape Thousands of Industries”.

Mr. Pingan said that there were many branches of AI technology before because there was no general AI architecture to solve the problem. At this stage, AI technology has developed from multiple branches to the era of large models.

“With the AI ​​​​big model, we can solve the general problem without providing technology in various fields.” Zhang Ping’an emphasized.

Huawei Pangu model 3.0

In terms of software development capabilities, Pangu can search the Internet, consult experts, refer to cases, consult books, and more. It supports developers to make powerful software depending on their development environment.

To simplify the development process, Huawei launched Pangu Large Model 3.0 with the support of even one-line dialogue code generation, one-button use case test, one-click automatic annotation, and one-instruction function deployment.

Huawei Pangu model 3.0

With much simplicity, the new Pangu model will only require a few people to match a large model scale and build applications quickly and efficiently with high-quality output.

According to the information, Pangu 3.0 will focus on value scenarios and promised to deepen cooperation with various fields. These include government affairs, finance, manufacturing, coal mines, railways, pharmaceuticals, meteorology, and other industries.

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