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Huawei partners with 26 companies for AI large scale innovation




At the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Huawei announced that it will cooperate with 26 companies, and scientific research institutes to jointly innovate the application of basic large-scale models and industry large-scale models based on Ascend AI.

Huawei and its partners jointly released the Ascend AI large model training. It is to push integration solutions to accelerate the application of large models in various industries. 23 Ascend AI partners launched AI servers, intelligent edge, and terminal new products.

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, Hu Houkun delivered a speech at the event to achieve through architectural innovation.

He revealed that the efficiency of Huawei’s Ascend AI cluster has increased by 10%. At present, the cluster scale has expanded from the initial 4000-card cluster to 16000-card, which is the industry’s first 10,000-card AI cluster, with faster training speed and a stable training period of more than 30 days.

More on this, Huawei is collaborating with 5700+ Kunpeng/Ascend partners and 30+ hardware partners to enable nearly half of the Chinese large-scale model innovations. These include 100+ scenario-based series of AI hardware, incubating/adapting large-scale models 30+, Kunpeng/Ascend developers 3.8 million+.

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