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Huawei HarmonyOS courses will be taught in 15 schools in China, further increase in the near future



Huawei HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS AKA Hongmeng OS is Huawei’s home-grown micro-kernel-based distributed operating system mainly designed for Huawei devices to reduce dependency on Android but it can also be adopted by any third-party smartphone-making brand.

HarmonyOS 2.0 brings a full house of changes and features including the new animations, home screen decoration, resizable widgets, app transitions, swipe-up gestures, and more.

According to the latest information, today, Huawei has organized a HarmonyOS Developer Innovation Competition Award Ceremony, in which, Wang Chenglu, President of CBG Software Department announced that Hongmeng will open-source to the system and will introduce its learning courses at 15 schools including Wuhan University. However, this number of schools could increase in the future with the use cases of this operating system.

Recently, the Chinese tech giant also concluded the HarmonyOS Connect Conference with industrial partners. During the event, in a media interview Yang Haisong, Vice President of Huawei CBG stated that HarmonyOS is fully open source for all and will be launched publically this year.

Furthermore, the openHarmony 2.0 LTS package has multiple branch codes in the L2 branch that is opened and has pure HarmonyOS code, which means there is no Android code. However, the L3 to L5 version of branches have the capabilities to run Android apps on HarmonyOS software.

Moreover, according to the official HarmonyOS 2.0 rollout timeline, HarmonyOS was opened for devices with 128KB to 128MB RAM since September 2020, 128MB to 4GB RAM was opened in April 2021 and will be open for all devices above 4GB in October 2021.

Also, Huawei has plans to shift 300 million devices on HarmonyOS 2.0 including old, new, and third-party products this year.

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