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Petal Maps is testing Bus arrival reminder, layers, walking and cycling navigation features



Huawei Petal Maps

Petal Maps provides maps services for Huawei smartphones and provides various features to meet your travel scenarios. By using the Huawei map services Sitekit, mapkit, route planning, navigation SDK, the Petal Maps enables route planning, driving navigation, bus route planning, and traffic conditions to meet user travel requirements.

Now, Huawei has begun testing some new features for this map services, which are planned for Petal Maps version These features are designed for global users and improve various aspects of the Petal Maps navigation system.

These features have already been out with Petal Maps version and above. According to the changelog, the update has a new bus arrival reminder, new switch between satellite and terrain view. Furthermore, the latest app update has walking and cycling navigation options. More information about this update is detailed below.

Petal Maps

[Bus arrival reminder]

  • Use public transportation navigation when taking the bus.
  • Check whether the mobile phone vibrates properly when the bus arrives at your stops.


  • Tap the Satellite and Terrain view to see whether the information within the layers is displayed normally.[There may be some delay in terrain layer data in Europe and Russia]
  • Tap the Weather map to see whether weather information or forecast of different regions is displayed normally.

[Walking & Cycling navigation]

  • Try to set different starting points and destinations to see whether the walking and cycling navigation info is accurate.

[Pass-Through Point]

  • Try add mid-point up to 8 passing points while using the route planner to see if the plan is efficient and accurate.
  • Using navigation with passing points to see whether it operates well.

[Driving navigation]

  • Try direction in driving and see whether the road fewer Awards No Awards.

Previous Update:

Recent Petal Maps update does the same changes and further enhances the user experience. This update adds new features get access traffic conditions of the whole route, scenario of the journey, and traffic conditions. More interestingly, you can add pre-planned stops to your route and set route preferences.

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