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Huawei 3nm processor design under development, suggests new Kirin chip trademark and a report



Huawei Kirin

Today, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group said that it’s been hard to produce new products due to the curbs applied by the U.S. on the company.

The effect of these sanctions directly reflects on Huawei’s smartphone business as it faces difficulties due to the shortage of required components to build new models.

The blockade also prohibits Huawei to produce new chipsets through chipmakers such as TSMC, because the chip manufacturer also uses U.S.-made technologies to print the chipsets.

But, a fresh piece of news suggests that Huawei is still conducting its ventures and continues to do research and development in the field of chip designing.

New Kirin Processor Trademark:

A report coming from Chinese media reveals that Huawei has recently applied for the registration of the “Kirin Processor” trademark. The application date for the trademark is April 22, 2021.

According to the information, the international classification draws under 9 scientific instruments and the current status application for registrations.

It reflects that Huawei is still trying to pull something new from the Chip division, HiSilicon, and making moves to develop new chip technologies to come back in the future without relying on some other firms. Also, no one can deny or ignore the chip design expertise of HiSilicon.

Last month, during the latest Huawei analyst Summit, Eric Xu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, announced that Huawei’s chip designing department, HiSilicon, is not a profitable company. Therefore, it has no requirement of profit.

Currently, the main aim is to research, develop and prepare for the future and raise the HiSilicon team to move forward as long as the company could afford it.

Huawei working on a new 3nm processor design:

There’s more, because not stopping here because there’s more explosive news that has a surface on the report, which suggests that Huawei is developing the next generation of smartphone chipset, named Kirin 9010 (tentatively).

However, it’s not expected whether Huawei will adopt this name but it could be a reality because the company could skip, Kirin 9010 since it cannot print a new chipset so the skip would lead us to Kirin 9020 directly.

As per the information, this new processor in the making is expected to be built using 3nm (nanometer) processor technology, and the design is expected to be completed this year.

If this news is true, then it’s is one of the biggest moves that Huawei is playing in the background and it’s also a wise one. However, there’s no official confirmation available on this matter at the moment.

Still, Huawei cannot print new chip design through a third-party chip manufacturer, but in the current scenarios, even TSMC’s 3nm process technology is not so mature.

Reports reveal that this process will get a more sturdy form in 2022, and customers for this chip-making process will be able to get their orders mass-produced in the same year.

In the current scenarios, Huawei cannot build chips via TSMC but the Chinese tech giant makes the first step by design such as Kirin 9010 processor, and wait to get its slot fixed to print it.

Talking about processors, Huawei is using Kirin 9000 chipset in its flagship devices, which is by far the most powerful chip that’s ever created by the company.

It’s processed with TSMC’s 5nm process and it is the last processor that was launched last year alongside the Huawei Mate 40 series, then used on Mate X2 foldable phone, and next, it’s likely to come in the upcoming Huawei P50 series.

In terms of specs, the Kirin 9000 has an Octa-core architecture including 1 x Cortex [email protected] GHz, 3 x [email protected] GHz, 4 x [email protected] GHz. In terms of GPU, the Kirin 9000 uses 24-core Mali-G78 and the Kirin 9000E features a 22-core Mali-G78 GPU.

We’ll keep you posted regarding the development of this story.

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