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Huawei rocks 2023 Cloud Ecosystem Conference with new technologies



Recently, Huawei participated in the 2023 Cloud Ecosystem Achievement Exhibitions with the theme of “Smart Wisdom, Clouds, and Wings”. The company installed four exhibition areas to showcase the integration and co-creation of digital technology and applications.

Huawei also actively participated in the summit forum and multiple sub-forums of the 2023 Cloud Ecosystem Conference. It’s to share industry insights, joint innovation technologies, and joint practice results.

Huawei expects to give full play to its own advantages and continue to help China Telecom build an independent, controllable, intelligent, agile, safe and reliable, green and low-carbon, application-driven national cloud base.

Four Exhibition Areas:

Cloud computing is the cornerstone and booster of digital transformation. In the exhibition area of ​​this 2023 cloud ecosystem conference, Huawei fully demonstrated Huawei’s innovation capabilities in the field of cloud technology and the achievements of its cooperation with China Telecom.

In the e-surfing cloud exhibition area, Huawei demonstrated all-around strategic cooperation with the e-surfing cloud, which has been gradually upgraded from “resource center” to “application, AI, and ecosystem”.

Create a first-class competitive boutique resource pool, a distributed cloud architecture covering all scenarios, and provide safe and reliable preferred cloud bases and services.

It integrates cloud-native database warehouse lakes, application modernization, and basic and industry aPaaS solutions, and enables rich applications to connect thousands of high-quality partners and developers in various industries to jointly build a prosperous ecosystem.

It can deeply cultivate government affairs, medical care, education, automobile, and other industries, and accelerate the process of industrial digital intelligence.

In the industry perception exhibition area, Huawei demonstrated several innovative technologies. The original superfusion perception technology realizes the integration of radar and camera equipment and can perform comprehensive positioning based on multi-dimensional features.

Huawei CloudPond can improve storage efficiency by 30% compared with the industries. The effective capacity can save 30% of the computer room space. The company’s super coding technology can save 30%-60% of the cloud storage space. In addition, Huawei uses AI algorithms to create a next-generation camera with multiple functions.

In the Four Rong exhibition area, Huawei showcased Rongyun’s 5G to B, helping China Telecom enter the 100 billion blue ocean market, and making the market more dynamic through multiple drivers of policies, capabilities, and ecosystem.

Rongyun’s DCI creates an independent, reliable, and agile connection data center interconnection solution. Rongan’s quantum dedicated line provides safe and controllable OTN equipment and integrated quantum encryption capabilities; Rongan’s Tianyi security brain realizes real-time massive intelligence, and cloud technologies such as edge-to-end cooperation help enterprises build an intelligent defense system.

The FTTR-B of the financial platform provides the best all-optical networking Wi-Fi solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, dual gigabit, large concurrency, and better user experience. The cloud Wi-Fi of the platform builds the unified cloud management capability of enterprise WLAN, further improves project delivery and operation and maintenance efficiency, and makes the network more automatic and intelligent.

In the “+IT, + Reliable” exhibition area, Huawei demonstrated the reliable computing power of Kunpeng, focusing on the root technology of the industry, opening up the whole stack, and jointly building a solid computing power base for Tianyi Cloud.

Based on Ascend’s AI root technology, cooperate with China Telecom to build China’s AI infrastructure. Take data as the center, build a reliable storage base for diversified data applications based on Kirin series CPU chips, and build Huawei Qingyun Xinchuang terminal equipment to guarantee office safer.

In the center of the exhibition area, Huawei showcased multiple 2C/2H innovative services: FTTR all-optical home networking. It is based on a new type of high-quality home Wi-Fi coverage solution, helping China Telecom to achieve real gigabit Wi-Fi throughout the house Coverage.

FTTR’s new 5A high-quality installation and maintenance service, through planning, installation, acceptance, and maintenance of one-stop capabilities, and China Telecom to create FTTR exclusive high-quality services.

5G new call is based on the IMS basic network, superimposed on the new call platform, and introduces NCP and UMF A new network element, facing the ToC and ToB markets, provides ultra-high-definition, intelligent, and interactive new audio and video experience, and provides value scenarios such as intelligent customer service, intelligent translation, screen sharing, and AR marking.

5G new call is based on the operator’s dial plate and code number resources, reshaping the entry value and creating a new voice business model. Naked-eye 3D can greatly reduce the conversion cost of 3D content, help operators open up new tracks for 3D video, and bring new market opportunity advantages.

Active participation:

With digital and intelligent transformation, computing power is becoming a new product. The computing power network, as the carrier of computing power transmission, has become the infrastructure for realizing the construction of digital China. China Telecom has accelerated the deployment of digital information infrastructure for cloud-network integration and is committed to becoming the main force in computing power networks.

During the Digital China Construction Summit, representatives of several experts from Huawei shared their thoughts on building a computing power network and proposed to actively cooperate with China Telecom in joint innovation to promote the construction of a leading computing power cloud network.

At the 2023 Cloud Ecosystem Conference Cooperation Forum on the afternoon of April 26, Wang Wuwei, President of Huawei’s Data Center Network Domain, attended and delivered a wonderful speech titled “Joint Innovation with Tianyi, Helping the Leading Computing Power Cloud Network”, and shared his experience with Tianyi Cloud.

Innovative achievements in the field of AI intelligent computing and other fields, including innovations in the comprehensive upgrade of AI Fabric 2.0 software and hardware. He said that in the future, Huawei and China Telecom will continue to research and practice innovative technologies in the field of data center networks, and jointly promote the continuous upgrade of cloud network computing power to green and intelligent.

In addition, Xiao Fei, vice president of Huawei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., also attended the launch ceremony of the “Xi Soil” ecological cooperation plan of Tianyi’s cloud computing power distribution network platform.

At the 2023 Cloud Ecosystem Conference Technology Forum on the afternoon of April 27, Jiang Dayong, Vice President of Huawei Kunpeng Computing Business and Chairman of the openEuler Community Committee, gave a speech on the theme of “Supporting Tianyi’s continuous joint innovation and helping the cloud and network to unify the operating system”.

Jiang Dayong shared that as of now, the cumulative installed capacity of the Euler system has exceeded 3 million sets, and the new market share of the server operating system will exceed 25% in 2022, entering the first echelon and crossing the ecological turning point.

Jiang Dayong introduced that this outstanding achievement is inseparable from the contribution of Tianyi Cloud. E-surfing Cloud is the first in the carrier industry to release CTyunOS, a self-developed operating system based on openEuler.

It has been rapidly promoted and deployed nationwide, with 60,000 sets currently available. In the past 7 versions of openEuler, E-surfing Cloud has actively participated in contributions, ranking TOP10 in terms of the number of PR integrations and code reviews.

For the future, Jiang Dayong said that in 2023, the new market share of the Euler operating system will exceed 35%, becoming the first domestic new market share.

As the world’s leading cloud service provider, the e-surfing cloud has grown rapidly in the global public cloud market share, and the pace of globalization has been accelerating. The openEuler community is willing to continue to cooperate with E-surfing Cloud to go global together and accelerate global digital transformation.

At the summit forum on the morning of April 28, Gao Xiang, vice president of Huawei, Zhao Xichu, vice president of Huawei China, and Han Bing, director of the customer department of Huawei China’s telecommunications system department, attended the summit forum.

In order to carry out cloud ecological cooperation in a wider field, on a larger scale, and at a deeper level with all sectors of society, and jointly create a cloud ecological prosperity, China Telecom also presents awards to outstanding ecological partners. Zhao Xichu participated in the award ceremony for outstanding ecological partners.

Joint Ecosystem

Looking back, Huawei has always been a strategic partner of China Telecom. Since 2015, the two companies have carried out pioneering cooperation in the industry such as e-surfing cloud and business innovation. Meanwhile, the presence of Huawei at the 2023 Cloud Conference is proof of that joint ecosystem-building strategy.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.