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Honor MagicOS August 2023 security patch details and devices



Honor MagicOS

Honor has published an August 2023 security patch for its MagicOS and Magic UI smartphones, these new patches are developed for the monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly time span. Also, the latest patch also has security fixes from the Android August 2023 security bulletin.

Soon, Honor will carrier this new software change for all of its smartphones and tablet devices running the latest versions.

According to the information, Honor MagicOS and Magic UI August 2023 security patch have fixes for 2 critical, 41 high level, and 1 moderate level of CVE. You can check the scientific codes below.

Critical: CVE-2023-21282, CVE-2023-21273

High: CVE-2023-28542, CVE-2023-28541, CVE-2023-24854, CVE-2023-24851, CVE-2023-22387, CVE-2023-22386, CVE-2023-21672, CVE-2023-21657, CVE-2023-21292, CVE-2023-21290, CVE-2023-21289, CVE-2023-21288, CVE-2023-21287, CVE-2023-21286, CVE-2023-21285, CVE-2023-21284, CVE-2023-21283, CVE-2023-21281, CVE-2023-21280, CVE-2023-21279, CVE-2023-21278, CVE-2023-21277, CVE-2023-21276, CVE-2023-21275, CVE-2023-21274, CVE-2023-21272, CVE-2023-21271, CVE-2023-21270, CVE-2023-21269, CVE-2023-21268, CVE-2023-21265, CVE-2023-21255, CVE-2023-21254, CVE-2023-21249, CVE-2023-21238, CVE-2023-21140, CVE-2023-21134, CVE-2023-21133, CVE-2023-21132, CVE-2023-21120, CVE-2023-21101

Moderate: CVE-2022-33303

You should know these types of updates may take some time to cover all of the devices. The update delivery time may vary depending on the model and its region.

here are the monthly and quarterly devices that Honor has listed for this software update rollout as of August 2023.


  • Honor Magic Series: Honor Magic V2, Honor Magic5 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic5 Pro, Honor Magic5, Honor Magic Vs Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic Vs, Honor Magic4 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic4 Pro, Honor Magic4, Honor Magic V, Honor Magic3 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic3 Pro, Honor Magic3


  • Honor Digital Series: Honor 90, Honor 90 Pro, Honor 80 GT, Honor 80 Pro, Honor 80 Pro Direct Screen Edition, Honor 80, Honor 70 Pro, Honor 70 Pro+, Honor 70, Honor 60 Pro, Honor 60, Honor 50 Pro, Honor 50


  • Honor V Series: Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition

    Honor Digital Series: Honor 80 SE, Honor 60 SE

  • Honor X series: Honor X50, Honor X50i, Honor X40 GT, Honor X40, Honor X40i, Honor X30, Honor X30 Max, Honor X30i, Honor X20
  • Honor Play Series: Honor Play 40C, Honor Play 40, Honor Play 40 Plus, Honor Play 30, Honor Play 30M, Honor Play 30 Plus, Honor Play 20a
  • Honor Play series: Honor Play7T Pro, Honor Play7T, Honor Play6C, Honor Play6T Pro, Honor Play6T, Honor Play5 Vitality Edition
  • Tablet Series: Honor Tablet MagicPad 13, Honor Tablet X8 Pro, Honor Tablet V8, Honor Tablet V8 Pro, Honor Tablet 8, Honor Tablet V7, Honor Tablet V7 Pro

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