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Huawei and Honor tied for first place in Q1 2024 Chinese smartphone market: IDC



Huawei 2024 Chinese smartphone market IDC

IDC has published a new report showing the Chinese smartphone market growth in Q1 2024, and Huawei ranked first in this listing. The tech giant has secured a YoY growth of 110% which is the highest among all the phone makers in the report.

The report highlights that the Chinese smartphone market has retained its recovery momentum at 6.5% growth in the first quarter of this year. A big credit for this success goes to Huawei and Honor who had performed well and tied for the top spot.

Huawei scored 17.0% market share in the Q1 2024 Chinese smartphone ground, which is an increase of 8.4% compared to the last year (Q1 2023 share = 8.6%).

Overall YoY growth of Huawei goes to 110% which is a big achievement for the company. The senior research analyst in Client System Research IDC China Arthur Guo says that Huawei made a strong return in the Chinese smartphone market.

Although he mentions that the Pura 70 developer needs to focus on the supply chain issues to maintain its position in the smartphone franchise without any problems.

“Huawei made a strong comeback and achieved a tie with Honor, though supply constraints will still be a pain point.” – says Guo

Huawei 2024 Chinese smartphone market IDC

IDC releases Q1 2024 Chinese smartphone market report (Image Credits: IDC)

Honor’s Growth

Next is Honor which has obtained a 17.1% market share this quarter with 13.2% YoY growth. Arthur says that Honor climbed to the top spot due to its well-rounded portfolio and the Magic 6 series which came with popular AI features on board.

IDC report also shows that Huawei and Honor covered 9.3% YoY growth in the overall Android market. Whereas, Apple saw a decline of 6.6% over the same period due to intense competition in China. Despite major discounts on the flagship iPhone models, the company is unable to attain growth.

OPPO lands at the third spot with a 15.7% market share. Though it lost 15.5% YoY. Vivo is at the fifth position with 14.6% with a decrement of 10.7% YoY.

Huawei 2024 Chinese smartphone market IDC

IDC releases Q1 2024 Chinese smartphone market report (Image Credits: IDC)

|| Source – IDC ||

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