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Hongmeng OS to launch in September inside Huawei Mate 30 Series



Huawei is moving forward to introduce Hongmeng OS in the fourth quarter of this year in the domestic market and a recent event suggests that it could be launched in September.

Breaking: Huawei is testing Hongmeng OS and its compatibility with Android Apps

Recently Huawei has screened another short film, shot completely with Huawei P30 Pro, titled as “Wukong”, the movie is based on a village boy that wants to desperately watch the movie “Monkey King”.

However, there’s a debate sparked about hidden messages that this movie contains and it’s related to the movie ticket held by the little boy printed with the date of “2019-9-22”.

In another scene, there’s a clock shown with its minute’s hand on 10 and hour hand on 9 which makes the combination of 9:10 possibly September 10 and the most notable thing about that clock is it was ticking in the anti-clockwise direction, which hints about the countdown.

For this important detail, everyone thinks that Huawei seems to be deliberately suggesting the audience about a big event.

Some believe Huawei wants to tell us that the official release of the Hongmeng operating system on September 22. On the other hand, that said it’ll be on launched on September 10.

Last month, Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong told that Huawei will initially launch its operating system in the fourth quarter of this year in the domestic market and globally in the first quarter of 2020.

Moreover, if the company is planning to launch its own OS than what would be a better way than launching it in its upcoming flagship phones Mate 30 series.

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