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Huawei will launch its OS by this year if can’t use Android or Windows: Says CEO



Huawei has been reportedly working on its operating system for its devices and the company has now told that it’s willing to launch a new OS if its current issues with Google and Microsoft doesn’t solve.

Huawei and Google reportedly working together to overcome the current situation

Yu Chengdong AKA Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business division told CNBC that its operating system could be ready by the fourth quarter of this year and a version for the global market in the first or the second quarter of 2020.

“Today, Huawei, we are still committed to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. But if we cannot use that, Huawei will prepare the plan B to use our own OS,” said Yu.

Following the US restriction on Huawei, Google also suspended its business with Huawei and canceled sharing hardware, software, and its services except for the ones with open source license.

Later on, the US eased its restriction on Huawei and provided a temporary license for 90 days to manage the business with its existing users, allowing Google to send software updates to Huawei phones including monthly security patches.

According to the official, Huawei’s “App Gallery” will be served as a default app store on its own operating system, which is currently set to Google’s Play Store for default use.

Yu also noted that the company will only bring a new OS if it will be completely prohibited from using software from Google and Microsoft.

“We don’t want to do this but we will be forced to do that because of the U.S. government. I think the U.S., this kind of thing, will also not only be bad news for us but also bad news for the U.S. companies because we support the U.S. business, so we will be forced to do this on our own,” Yu said.

“We don’t want to do this but we have no other solution, no other choice,” he added.

Recently we found that the mysterious OS will be named as Hongmeng/Hong Meng (possibly for the domestic market) and will universally work on all Huawei devices.

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