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Huawei and Honor phones won’t be affected by Google’s service ban: Responds Huawei



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There’s an official response came from Huawei after being banned by Google, saying that Android is an open source operating system and its consumers around the globe won’t have to worry about anything.

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On May 20, Huawei said As a smartphone operating system, Android has always been open source and as an important partner, Huawei has always made a very important contribution to the development and growth of Android ecosystem and will continue to do so.

Huawei and Honor brand products including smartphones and tablets and their product services will not be affected in the Chines market, so consumers can use and buy new products without any worries, said the company.

For global users, Huawei has described that both firms have cooperated closely on Android platform to provide security updates and after-sales services to all of the existing Huawei and Honor phones and tablets, which also covers those products that are still on the store shelves globally.

“Huawei will continue to build a safe and sustainable development environment for the whole community, providing better users experience and services to its users globally,” it added.

Huawei immediately lost Google’s support for EMUI/Android OS: Report

Recently Google suspended Huawei’s software support program, but Google later responded that the existing Huawei devices won’t be immediately influenced by this move. As the Play Store and Google’s applications will still work on those existing devices.

The move comes after the United States added the company to a list (Entity List) of companies that US firms cannot trade with unless they have a license. It means Huawei can’t purchase equipment from the US companies without prior government approval.

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