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Here’s what Huawei said about EMUI 13 rollout plan



Huawei EMUI 13 rollout plan

EMUI 13 is a mystery and Huawei has said something about this upcoming smartphone software rollout plan that you should know about.

Huawei wrote EMUI 13 update plan is not released yet, we suggest you wait and stay connected with the official social media handles to learn more about the updates.

At least Huawei replied to a user and we now have something that we could confirm or rely on. However, we still don’t have a date on EMUI 13 rollout. On the other hand, everyone wants to know about EMUI 13, yet the time is expanding the wait.


Amid the discussion on rollout plan, Huawei has not yet started beta testing of this EMUI 13. As we checked the Beta application has not been updated and there’s no information revealed about the EMUI 13 beta program on the website.

EMUI 12 to EMUI 13:

EMUI 12 was an evolution, as it brings a lot of new features including a Control panel, Notification panel, new font system, better animations, better user interface, and Large folders.

EMUI 13 goes two steps further, it not only brings you a better user interface but also installs improvements over the last version.

EMUI 13 promises to boast system performance with app optimizations. The flip side of the coin reveals an image that could bring you maximized security that will empower you to better safety.

The new EMUI version also gets smart folders, which consist of new layout formats and its highly customizable. For the first time, Huawei is bringing Super Device feature to global users and replacing the existing Device+.

The difference between these two features is immense, as Huawei brought in Super Device with HarmonyOS 2, and after 2 years, the feature is finally coming to global smartphones with EMUI 13.


Yes, the ambiguous situation is confusing for Huawei smartphone owners but there’s a lot we need to know before we reach at any conclusion.

Huawei EMUI 13 rollout plan

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